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    PS3 Leaderboards Hacked



      I was just viewing the Overall PS3 Career leaderboards and it has come to my attention that there are over one hundred hacked scores at the moment.


      One player has a score of 242,346,686. Digard, the top legitimate player on the leaderboards is currentr ranked 132 with a score of 5,013,645.


      I suggest Treyarch looks into this, it really ruins the game.



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          Are the hacked scores the same or different like the hacked scores are always 242, 346, 686? If its different, it might not be hacks, some people do play 24/7.

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            It never gets sorted. All the leaderboards of every CoD have been BS.


            You'll never see a legit player sat on top.

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                I hope it does get sorted, only time will tell.


                I will bump/update this if anything changes.


                Responses/opinions appreciated.

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                    It would be nice if the boards were full of legit players, but don't hold your breath.


                    I remember the CoD4 boards, the top 500 people or so were rank 1 with no Prestige badge :/ it was the same for WaW. Then in MW2 the top 100 or so all had exactly the same score, same rank and badge with impossible SPM.

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                    Not always true, S&D has always been known for its hacked lobbies, etc. this began to be a big issue for mw3 before black ops was released.. but the Capture the Flag leaderboards seemed to be contained well, I only know this because I was ranked 3rd for months, and I played with the other top 2 players fluently, and ..personally they sucked at this game, they just tac inserted to offensively keep running flags, over..n over.

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                    Can you help 3ARC by lending a helping hand? Report those illegitimate players using the in-game reporting system.


                    Leaderboard -> Sort -> View Playercard -> report Player




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                      I was just watching recent gameplays of all the guys with insane SPM and they all appear to be constantly blowing themselves up with C4 during the whole match, getting 0 kills and like 150 deaths.  Are suicides counting as kills or something?  The leaderboards are destroyed.

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                          As I am a player who was in the top 400 going to try get into the top 100 on the leaderboards, I was dissapointed to find out that I droped over 1000 places in  a short space of 6 hours last night, I looked into the leaderboards and it appears that there are many hacked played with illegitimate score, and it seems my rank decreases by around 100 spaces every hour now, so I went off for the night thinking this issue would be fixed and these people would be permenantly banned, so I came back on this morning to find this issue still ongoing and nothing seems to have happend, I personally find it annoying that I can't see where I am ranked in the world, and I hope treyarch go as far to get permission to have these players who hacked console banned and their accounts completely wiped. I am sure that they are aware of the issue, I just hope they act on it sooner if that is possible as a lot of people I knew quit the game over this as they believe it will just end up like CoD: World at War, or Modern Warfare 2.