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    Need Obj oriented friends

      I am looking for objective players.  I understand having a slayer or 2 on the team for relief but when I soely am the only one playing the objective in demolition with 5+ plants and we lose its rather frustrating.  The randoms informed me after the match that I was a "scrub" for playing the objective.  How its mind blowing that I am in an objective game playing the objective is beyond my reasoning.  So I am on here searching for like minded players who want to win, not pad their KDs.  I fluctuate between .99 and 1.2. Thats fine with me the only thing I care about is doing what needs to be done to win the match.  I don't consider going "positive" at the end of a match as winning.  PSN Einstein0883 if you could just put the word forumns in the subject text so I know you got it from here.  Thanks, also The game is awsome thanks treyarch.