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    Who said we needed action every 2 seconds!? (@DavidVonderhaar)

      The user experience in MP its the worst!! Who in the mother of god said we wanted all this "Competitive" stuff in the game, in my personal opinion is noob friendly, since the noob & the vet pretty much do the same, where to run Left? Right? Middle?, pray the lag comp its on your side and hip fire to get a kill.


      I used to have soo much fun building an in-game tactic for each game, but now we all play the tryhard style with all this run hip fire madness. This David Vonderhaar fits the game at HIS gamestyle, he said on an interview the footsteps on BOPS1 were to loud. What we got!? No footsteps!, he said on an other interview the COD games were really slow pace. What we got!? A headless chicken hip fire drop shot madness every 2 seconds.


      There´s only 2 options in this game  Run or Camp, there is no middle point.


      We need Ghost back, i rather have a bunch of campers and me flanking them, than this rat lab labyrinth on caffeine overdose.


      Adapt? i did adapt, im a 5th prestige with a 3.3 KD, thats not the point. The point i miss the real COD gamestyle, its not coincidance that my 30+ veteran players on my friend list are not happy with the game. Its the first time in a COD launch im switching to play other games from time to time when its not even a month yet.

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