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    Hello everyone I am new.

      Hello community I am a new member to this franchise and this game. I just came to ask everyone on this forum, wil you help a noob out? I keep on dying and dying and my highest kill streak is a freakin' UAV. So any tips on what gun to use good place to campbest loadout to use, or anything like that?

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          Try playing on the Combat Training. You'll be matched against every player of all skill levels. It won't affect your stats but you'll be able to level up at half the speed. That will get you used to the game plays and playstyles that you'll see on the regular matches.


          Also, watch a lot of tips and tricks on YouTube and remember their moves.

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            woah, i would hate to be in your shoes mate. ive been playing this game since COD 1. consider myself  a good player, but im struggling with this one, its a tough one to get to grips with. my first tip? use smgs for now, they are great in this game and i wthink u would struggle with some of the other classes at the mo. im just in the middle of leaving work, train to grab but will get back to u later tonight, keep em peeled, and,......good luck dude!

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              As already stated, combat training on Veteran, With a new game you will always have to do your time, at first you get beaten up ( I did on COD4) after a while you will improve automatically but it takes a while.  The PDW sub m/c is a good gun for starters, also the Engineer perk will help with bouncing bettys.  I wouldn't try to camp it out at first, try to explore the maps and learn the choke points, don't run like a headless chicken expect someone round every corner, but play Brave it's the best way.


              Good Luck


              ps forget stats but try to win, if you're having fun, that's all that matters.

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                This is one of the hardest CODs to earn Scorestreaks IMO. Especially if you're gonna play Deathmatch. Objective based games are the best run hardline and try to stay alive! You will get there eventually.

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                  When someone you are playing with or against has a great game, go to the theater (cod tv recent games) and watch what they did. Practice, be cautious, and don't get mad and keep running back to the same place where you just died.