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    IMPORTANT / PS3 patch 1.03 causing poor matchmaking and lag, please sign in if you are having issues !



      It says on the patch notes they made improvements to matchmaking, making it faster etc.


      But now many people are not able to find decent lobbies anymore, even using the Best-search preference will produce a lobby with players on 2 or 3 bars and massive lag issues. Also lobbies consist of people from large geographical areas, because the ping-based matchmaking is no longer working properly and allowing people with various latencies in the same lobby.


      If you are having lag or matchmaking issues, and / or trouble getting into lobbies with players located closer by after patch 1.03, please sign in and keep this thread alive and on top of the forum so that we get the devs to acknowledge this issue and get the changes reverted, thank you.


      Also tweeting about the issue to Treyarch and David Vonderhaar could help, as it did with the Nuketown 2025 issue.


      I hope we can come together as a community and make an impact.