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    People still crying about "quickscoping"

      I get a kick out of everyone that still cry about quickingscoping. Most these people are kids running around with SMGs spraying around every corner, dropshoting, hipfiring everything that moves, and halo jumping. If you think that takes skill then you sir are  ******* retarded. Sniping was to easy in cods like cod4, mw2, and mw3. Yeah I'll agrre with that, but blops 1 and 2 it's much much harder to do. And It's much harder to get a good clip with it. We have to deal with annoying ass tryhards you guys can deal with snipers. And for those of you who think it's a bug, your very wrong. Ever since mw3 IW and Treyarch have known about it. They even said were making quicscoping harder in blops 1 and 2. And when you hit a quadfeed in blops 2 it says quadfeed at the top. quad feeds came from snipers/quickscopers. So clearly they know what quickscoping is. This is the 9th cod and if you are still crying about it then you shouldn't be playing cod. If your getting smacked around by someone sniping then that person is clearly better then you. Deal with it.