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    SMGs should be nerfed.  Please.

      Ok first things first:


      -SMGs even without attachments can reap from a distance with a hip fire. Seriously what the heck? Nerf this for God`s sake. I like to use ASSAULT RIFFLES and LMG but either in distance or in close quaters any noob with SMGs kills me with 0.25 of second. How`s that possible? I know there`s a lag compensation for players with ADSL type connection.


      -SMGs kills very fast, when from LMG or Automatics ASSAULT RIFFLES you can have from 3-8 hitmarkers and still get killed.


      -I Like SMGs myself, but personally I and most of normal players (i mean not kids which don`t care about weapon and style whatsoever, if there was a poo gun which farted with every shot and it did instant kill, they used it.)


      PLease nerf SMGs, it`s next to impossible to play with other weapons. Or buff otherweapons, because when meeting a SMG noob he kills YOU WITH HIP FIRE WITH 100% accarucy...


      I like the game, i really do after BO1 & MW3 which totally sucked and I had to buy new rig for BF3, i`m glad to see that BO2 is an awesome game, but please fix the balance.


      If you did a SMGs au ultimate imba gun, why you put so coolloooking weapons like MSR or LSAT in game...

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          I agree with this. It's cool to have them where they kill fast at close range but they can snipe which is lame.

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            I suspect they'll get nerfed down the line.  Rapid fire attachment has already been nerfed.  Because the hipfiring dildo gun with rapid fire in MW3 wasn't enough, obviously.


            Either that or bring out maps where ARs and, more specifically, LMGs will do soem serious work.

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              They nerf the smgs and ill buy 3 more copies of Blops 2....thats how much those OP pieces of ***** are...my m27 took 7 bullets to kill...pdw, vector, mp7 took 3 at the same range...other smgs took 4...When i did these tests i cried for my beloved Ak47 to return

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                Aggreed-you could be aiming down the sights, strafing or dropshotting with an AR and still get overpowered by someone with an MP7 with rapid fire, laser sight and probably a silencer.

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                  I've even had issues with em while I was sniping. I mean, how do I hit a guy right in the chest, and even see the hit marker with a Ballista (which 90% of the time I get 1 shot kills with), and while I'm chambering another round, I get killed by the guy with the SMG from the position I hit him at.. I think that not only are SMG's OP, but I think that the damage counter is a little broken as well..


                  Happy Gaming!

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                    SMGs probably won't get nerfed. They'll probably lower their damage by 5, that's it.

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                      Honestly I can't remember a single CoD game where LMGs were a truly "competitive" choice. ARs always had the drawback that you needed some range for them to be (much) more effective than SMGs and the always had more recoil.


                      I do think that most of the time hipfire accuracy is too high for SMGs, especially with the laser sight attachment. That's about it though.

                      Back in MW2 I loved to use the UMP45 and sometimes even had an ACOG on it as it was so good at range.


                      To me the basic problem why SMGs "seem" so strong is the maps and their layout. You'd rarely find an open area and almost everywhere speed, both running and aiming, is king. It's only logical for SMGs to be better in that regard than other weapons.

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                        I outgun snipers at long range with the PDW and the MSMC so i agree with you.

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                          Plese NEEEERF it already...lower damadge and decrease accarucy with or without attachments. I can`t use weapons like ballisctic knife or AR cause i`m getting killed ALL THE TIME.


                          3ARC please you did a great job in BO, you returned my faith in COD series. Don`t ruin it because of noobs. I know COD is a game for everyone, but IMBA weapons...well it`s a shity thing to put in a game.


                          You created a fantastic maps, which removed camping totally. You created a vast arsenal, but limited it by overpowered SMG guns.


                          I hope 3arc`ll read this...It`ll be my xmass wish "nerf SMGs in BOII"


                          My suggestion is simple:


                          -decrease Damadge or Firing Speed

                          -increase accarucy of LMG, AR or damage

                          -AND REMOVE 100% ACCARUCY WHEN HIP FIRING


                          and here you go a perfect balanced game.


                          Next time i`ll shoot a video with random public match so you can see how it`s like.


                          Stay tuned. When We All Ask - They`ll hear!