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    Black Ops 2 Is UNPLAYABLE at it's current state. - Update

      Old Post. Actually game experience has gotten a lot better for me, but feel free to read, and have a laugh:

      At this point i've had it with this game. My frustration has gone so far that i actually went as far as making another account on this Bug-filled elite service since i can't even access my other accounts, but yes, this is how frustrated i am with this game right now.


      I've been following this forum since the game's release, basically i would pop-in every now and then to check if people were having similar issues with the game, and what do you know? hundreds of players were posting about it on the forum. Now before any sensitive treyarch fanboys come and start posting ignorant stuff like "Man up" or "there's nothing wrong with the game" or "deal with it", i say to you LEAVE THIS DISCUSSION, and STOP DEFENDING TREYARCH - Your gaming experience does not reflect that of everyone else. This discussion is for serious gamers who have been playing the game for a while but are/ have been struggling with this game due to several issues that it has.


      To begin, i am an above avarage player. Why do i say this? i like some of you, have been playing call of duty for a while (since cod4), and in fact, i have been playing EXCLUSIVELY call of duty since COD4. i've had 2.0-2.4 KD in the past games with a 2.0 W/L because i have fun RUSHING and playing the objective. Now, that being said - i am sure like many of you were, upon announcement of BO2 i was really excited and hyped by all the BS trailers and all that, but i was HUGELY DISAPPOINTED.


      I thought this game was going to fix the lag comp issues that MW3 had - obviously lag comp cannot be removed but make it even for BOTH SIDES - good connections and BAD connections. I am constantly being dropped before i can even react and put my sights on a guy. I am constantly getting killed after having turned corners, or after having taken cover because of the $hitty hit detection. It takes me 6 or more shots to kill someone while other players drop me in 2-3 shots. I knife people right next to me, yet somehow they appear 5 feet away from me turn and shoot me WTF!. I feel like i am a second behind because of how people can turn on me, see me, and shoot me while i had been empting my clip in to them, yet i still get dropped. Due to the lag, slow reaction time, and crappy hit detection, THE GAME FORCES ME to play defensively, but i don't have fun camping and waiting around, I RUSH around, yet in this game if i implement my playstyle I get destroyed.


      I thought at first it was because i was new at the game and needed to learn it a bit more (even though everyone else was on the same boat), but after reaching 55 i understand that it's the game it's not me.


      This is the only game that has gotten me this frustrated, this early. MW3 looks amazing compared to this. I'll admit it i was a bit frustrated about the lag comp in mw3 at times, but in this game it is just unbearable. To prove this i went back to Mw3 played 15-20 games and it was amazing gameplay - i'm talking  about 3+ kds per game, and winning about 90% of the matches.


      The only reason why i am posting this is so something can be done about the lag comp, delay, and hit detection problems in this game. If we stay shut they will never due crap about the issues. THIS GAME NEEDS MAJOR PATCHING. And until that is done, i will be probably be playing mw3.


      Please post if you are having a similar experience.


      XBL: Killabigk

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          1. Re: Black Ops 2 Is Currently UNPLAYABLE at it's current state.

          If it will make you listen to me then ill tell you guys I am ranked #1 in the world in Kill Confirmed on MW3. Ive played a lot of COD in my day. Ive beaten every game and played ever mulitiplayer on every cod. I can say without a second thought that this is the worst COD ever made. I have absolutely no idea what these people were thinking while they designed this game. They say that they want to discourage camping but they put 30 headglitches in every single map. The lag compensation and terrible hit detection makes running and gunning impossible.They make things like bouncing bettys so overpowered that you prettty much have to accept just getting blown up randomly all the time. Dont forget people can scavenge them now so 1 guy using them all game will ruin it completely. Shotguns are extremely overpowerd compared to the other weapons in the game. I understand that shotguns should be super powerful but not when every other gun in the game takes 7 hit markers to kill sombody. When you get 4 hit markers on someone and they are able to turn around and kill you every time it gets pretty old really quick. Also since they made uavs so incredibly easy to get in this game you absoultely have to use ghost or people will prefire you constantly. If you arent geting prefired because the enemy has 6 uavs ready to go then people are just jumping and dropshoting every single kill. Why is your gun accurate while your jumping through the air? and why can you fire your gun while your falling to the ground? These are things bad players do to make up for their lack of gun battle strafing skills and you welcome it with open arms. They make a 3 round burst pistol more powerful than the best smg. WHY? You make snipers really powerful, which makes sense because they are suppose to be BUT YOU DONT LEAVE QUICKSCOPING IN THE GAME WHEN YOU DO THAT! You should have to actually AIM THE GUN to kill someone, not blind fire the stupid thing.I feel like this game is one big joke. Skilled players cant do anything because of the brutal lag comp or just plain old fashioned terrible hit detection. Ive been so far around a corner when a guy shot me that i had no idea what had actually killed me until i saw the kill cam. I shot people that werent even moving from 3 feet away and got 0 hit markers. Oh and when little cry babys quit games because you are beating them the games never fill back up. You have to sit there playin 2 guys for 5 minutes. You can say im a bad player and whatnot and talk all the smack you want but ive been playing first person shooters for 12 years. Ive played counterstrike on competetive teams, ive played all the halos, all the cods and some offbrand stuff. Im ranked NUMBER 1 ON THE PLANET FOR KILL CONFIRMED IN MW3! I know what a good game is. I know what a good balanced game should be. This simply is not it. There is something fundementally wrong with this game. Ive played it for 9 days and i cant take it anymore. If you think i havent played enough to get good let me say im already 5th prestige. IVE PLAYED ENOUGH TO KNOW THE GAME! I run my own clan of 40 people who are all exremely good at COD and they all say the same thing. Usually when you get huge groups of people all agreeing on something then theres something to it. They all agree this game is bad. I have one guy in my clan who had 85 kills 4 deaths in one game and get still thinks the game is unbalanced, campy and poorly made.All you people defending this stupid game have no idea what your talking about. If you think this is a good game then you wouldnt know a good game if it bit you in the ***. Yea the vsuals are good but who gives a crap about that when the game is so bad that you can even enjoy playing it. What am i getting at with this whole post? Im returning this game. This whole game is just bad. PERIOD! Now i gotta find something else to play while i wait for MW4. Treyarch, you have NO RIGHT TO PUT COD IN THIS GAME NAME! ohhh i almost forgot. Theres no footsteps in this game. Even with awareness you cant hear a damn thing. I have a great sound system and i cant hear anything. My buddys with expensive headsets cant hear anytthing. EVERY COD SINCE COD4 HAS HAD FOOTSTEPS AND THESE SCUMBAGS THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE THEM AWAY? HA! Treyarch your company is a joke, your game is a joke and you need to stop putting COD in your game names. This isnt cod. This is its half retarded mutant cousin.

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            This post will get deleted like mine did. I'm experiencing the same as you dude. All of my friends on Xbox say the same thing. Judging by mw3's history, a fix is highly unlikely.

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              Hey i can totally understand your frustration with the game, and hope that if a large number of us speak up they fix all the issues that concern the call of duty community. However, i did notice your mention upon quickscoping and i have to say that they did make it a pretty long time before you can scope in, and if i recall there is no perk/ attachment to make it faster so the quickscoping is really not that existent in the game (with the exception of some really accurate players). I know because i use to QS a bit in MW3 but in this game it was just impossible for me (not complaining). I did find it annoying how footsteps were removed, and how you can't react to dudes sneaking up behind you. There goes $70+ down the toilet in this game.

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                Well, you can't blame me for trying.

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                    6. Re: Black Ops 2 Is UNPLAYABLE at it's current state.

                    I agree with the OP. There are many issues with this call of duty. I too was excited for the new game to come out. Unfortunately, there are many problems.


                    Lag compensation seems to have gone through the roof in terms of problems. No other call of duty that i have played, and i've played them all since the first one (as well as all the halo's and other smaller franchise FPS's).  All too often do i sneak up on someone and it takes an entire clip to kill them while other times someone gets the drop on me and fires 2-3 rounds to kill me. Quite frustrating to say the least.


                    The shotguns, i don't mind as much. If you have the balls to bring one to a fairly open map and do well with it, then i congratulate you. Although it can be quite annoying, flashbangs and tactical loadouts do help. When i know there are people using them on any given map/game, i try my best not to get close enough to them for them to OHK me. Or i aim for their head (which even one time i found somone AFK and took the time for a head shot to discover it took 4 rounds from the assault rifle i was using).


                    Quick scoping. That, other than lag comp, is about the most annoying thing in the game. I cannot stand the fact that people run around with sniper rifles and treat them like assault rifles. The point of these weapons are long ranged kills while defending/assaulting an objective (in objective games, obviously). I would hope to see some sort of change to this in the future. I'd personally love to see them change them back to the way they were in the first black ops.


                    UAV's are quite an annoyance as well, but i dont think any change is  necessary. Although it is annoying, i always keep one class at the ready for teams who spam uav's. Obviously that comes with ghost. I also have a few other classes equipped with black hats and launchers to take down those nuisances. Due to the increased skill required to attain high level kill streaks (without setting up a tent in a corner) people are going to resort to ones like the UAV because they know they can get them, and most people dont use ghost all the time.


                    I also wish they would tweak domination. I enjoy all game types except for search, but domination being my all time favorite. I don't mind so much for the round change mid game, because there are maps that have a favorable spawn over the others. I DO have a problem with the time limit. I  think it needs to be increased. Few and far between are the games where i see the game end at 200. I think they need to increase the time of the game or atleast give a larger match bonus for securing the win at 200 points rather than time running out. Atleast then it would encourage a more offensive play style.


                    In all, i do like the game. Its fun when i get into a  decent room where the lag comp doesn't ruin things.

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                      7. Re: Black Ops 2 Is UNPLAYABLE at it's current state.

                      Quick scoping is BS. Lag compensation BREAKS THIS GAME. I don't mind UAV Because someone usually shoots it down pretty quickly. The lunge knifing and panic knifing is stupid and when pistols win one on one over any other weapon that's absurd. There's NO WAY a pistol should beat an assault rifle. Gun damage should be based on the round the gun fires not on balancing. If someone is dumb enough to use a pistol they should pay for it. It's a backup weapon, not a primary. This game blows and so does Treyarch. The ONLY saving grace is Zombies and even that will wear off eventually.

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                        8. Re: Black Ops 2 Is UNPLAYABLE at it's current state.

                        you're right - the lag comp is the worst part about the game. i can adapt and enjoy if they can fix it.


                        ghost is useless because the moment you stop to shoot a uav down you show up on radar.  maybe they will tweak ghost to make it 25-30 seconds but i never minded campers anyway.

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                          9. Re: Black Ops 2 Is UNPLAYABLE at it's current state.

                          My game was alright this afternoon, now it's unplayable. MP7 + Lag Comp = I'm screwed every time!

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