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    game response lag?

      So my parents recently switched to an HD TV (I'm just home for thanksgiving). I didn;t used to have any response delay with the old t.v. setup, however trying to play MW3 earlier today I noticed about a quarter of a second time delay from the time I did anything with the wii-remote (even move) to when it registered on the screen.


      I have the wii running through the component outlet in the back of the t.v. since I don't have any HDMI cords at my disposal. Is this my problem?



      My question to you guys is how do I eliminate the response delay between remote and display? Is it a setting with the t.v. or do I just have to get an HDMI cord to make it run smoothly?


      My parents have a Sharp t.v. if that helps at all...

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          Re: game response lag?

          MMMMMMMMMM.............I play on a 52" tv-non-flat screen and my girlfriend plays on a 38" flat screen (vizio) right beside me and between the 2 tv`s when I looked at her screen, I wasnt moving when I actual moved. I was almost a half second off. Since then I assume that we all are alittle off when we move. So, thats why when we run around a corner while being shot at and we get killed around the corner, we probably arent really around the corner on the persons screen thats actually shooting at us but we are on our screen. So when we shoot I guess we dont really shoot when we think we are. Welcome to lag I guess.


          I know for fact, everytime you switch to a different tv, you have to change your settings for your controller. Like I said, I play on a 52" and when I go to my girlfriends house, I play on her tv and my settings are way off. I tried to play on  my 38" flatscreen and it was very hard for me to get my settings close to what they were on my 52".


          I have no real answer about the cables but personally, I dont think it matters awhole lot about that.

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              Re: game response lag?

              according to a friend on the other forum, my problem is known as input lag. And I know for sure it's not a network lag or problem with adjusting the controls for my controller as I can see and feel the lag, most notably when I try to shoot.


              Thanks for trying to explain it, though lol

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              Re: game response lag?

              The only thing you can do without buying a new TV is go through the TV settings and change the viewing mode to "Game" if it has it. Oh and make sure in your Wii settings you have it set to 480p.


              Are you playing MW3 on your Wii U? If you're not, then you can't hook up your Wii with a HDMI cable.

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