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    Can Treyarch alter Scorestreak requirements post-release?

      It's never been done before, but can they do it? I'll probably get flamed for this, but I really don't care. I feel most of the Scorestreaks' score:usefullness ratio is a bit too high.


      - UAV is currently 350. It's fine.

      - RC-XD is currently 450. It's fine.

      - Hunter Killer is currently 525. It's fine.

      - Care Package is currently 550. It's fine.

      - Counter-UAV is currently 600. For that? Arguably less usefull than the UAV, and it costs nearly twice the amount of points. Lower it to 475.

      - Guardian is currently 650. It's fine.

      - Hellstorm Missile is currently 700. A 6-7 killstreak Preadator Missile. Not worth it. Lower it to 575.

      - Lightning Strike is currently 750. Although it is effective, it's not worth it's current requirement. Lower it to 600.

      - Sentry Gun is currently 800. This one is pretty close. Lower it to 725.

      - Death Machine is currently 850. You're still technically getting gun kills yourself, but it only counts a fraction of what it normally would. For that, lower it to 675.

      - War Machine is currently 900. Pretty useless unless you have high ground. Same situation as Death Machine in terms of gun kills. Lower it to 750.

      - Dragonfire is currently 975. For what it takes to acquire, this one is BY FAR the most useless. It might as well shoot cotton balls, and it damn-near takes less bullets to shoot it down than it does to kill someone with it. Lower it to 700.

      - A.G.R is currently 1000. Pretty close. Lower it to 900.

      - Stealth Chopper is currently 1100. Gets shot down a bit too easy to be worth that. Lower it to 975.

      - Orbital VSAT is currently 1200. It's really good, but not for 1200. Lower it to 1000

      - Escort Drone is currently 1250. Farily far from worth it. Lower it to 950.

      - EMP Systems is currently 1300. Does anything need to be said? Lower it to way down to 850.


      Pretty much anything after these is simply too high. They're gotten too infrequently to make it worthwhile, even for good players:

      - Warthog is currently 1400. That for a carpet bomb/strafe run? No. Lower it to 925.

      - Lodestar is currently 1500. Just too high. Lower it to 1100

      - VTOL Warship is currently 1600. Same deal as Lodestar. Lower it to 1200

      - K9 Unit is currently 1700. Same deal as the last two. Lower it to 1300.

      - Swarm is currently 1900. Absolutely without a doubt not worth it. Lower it to 1400.


      The new lineup:

      UAV - 350

      RC-XD - 450

      Counter-UAV - 475

      Hunter Killer - 525

      Care Package - 550

      Hellstorm Missile - 575

      Lightning Strike - 600

      Guardian - 650

      Death Machine - 675

      Dragonfire - 700

      Sentry Gun - 725

      War Machine - 750

      EMP Systems - 850

      A.G.R. - 900

      Warthog - 925

      Escort Drone - 950

      Stealth Chopper - 975

      Orbital VSAT - 1000

      Lodestar - 1100

      VTOL Warship - 1200

      K9 Unit - 1300

      Swarm - 1400


      I think this would also help dramatically with the UAV/Care Package spam we're experiencing. Players wouldn't have to use these lower-end rewards because the higher ones are so far out of reach. Am I the best player in the world? No. Do I think this change would make the game more fun for me? Yes. Do think this change would make the game more fun for most of the community? Yes.




      Thanks for reading.