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        40. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

        just this one change has made game play really boring..


        no enemy uav = camping

        enemy uav = rushing to get those dots before the team mate..


        === Boring

        Last Edited: Nov 22, 2012 5:04 AM
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          41. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

          Learning to adapt.. what a novel concept. Tell me, where was this "learn to adapt" business at when everyone was complaining about Ghost? Why did you just "learn to adapt" to "ghost campers"?


          Instead of adapting, all the whiney pac-man rushers who needed the dots on the radar for their youtube matches spammed twitter and youtube with invalid complaints about Ghost.. and now suddenly they're the "learn to adapt" crowd?


          Laughable really.

          Last Edited: Nov 22, 2012 7:40 AM
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            42. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

            Not that I'll say anything much different than anyone else has said but...


            Ghost needs to be returned to its former glory.  The game has become a horrible rush-fest which exacerbates an already flawed spawn system.  I personally don't hide in a corner and wait for people to run infront of me.  But I also don't like sprinting around like a fool getting dumped on by people with faster reflexes.  My father, 63, got into playing CoD with the first Black Ops.  As you could imagine at his age he doesn't have the fastest reflexes so the rushing play style isn't for him.  Now I understand his age group isn't the target audiance but that doesn't make the arguement less valid.


            I beg Treyarch to address this issue because this intsallation of CoD may be my last if this rusher-fest trend lasts.

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              43. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

              from one lmg player to another i feel ya.

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                44. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                what the hell planet do you live on, UAV's are a problem, last 3 games i shot down 15 UAV or there about EACH game, it was never that many in any other COD.


                as for easily countering thats BS

                counter UAV is double the points, meaning you get 1 for every 2 UAV's

                rockets you only get 2 per life, they take 3-4 secs to lock on, plus you have to find the thing on the map and heaven forbit its behind a building, meaning you have to wait (add time the enemy is running at you), or move, wasting even more time its up. and every sec it up every one on the enemy can see you, and a 1/3rd of the time you die shooting it down becuase your looking up at the sky.


                oh and what the hell are you do when your on the enemies side about to grab flab/plant bomb/ getting hardpoint/ etc. you sure as hell don't have time to shoot it down, as your stealth is completely gone.

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                  45. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                  You don't have to sprint with ghost, and as long as you're moving (exception prone and ads in crouch WITHOUT stock) when the UAV's line on the radar goes over you, you won't show up. Neither will you if you're playing the objective, whether it be capturing, planting, or defending, or if your locked on with an FHJ-18 AA (Smaw won't work) to an AERIAL killstreak. ground streaks or won't effect it. So a smart sniper would stay near his/her objective in dom, or demo, or ctf, or whatever, or be smart and use Blind Eye, since you're in you spawn  most of the time, and unless your time is total garbage, the enemy should barely be in your spawn.

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                    46. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                    As long as your moving, with the exception of prone and ads without stock, you will not show up on UAV when its swipe comes over your location on the enemy radar

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                      47. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                      It's snd...if you don't camp harder than another mode, you're going to die. Search has and always will be camper central

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                        48. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                        if you're on the objective with ghost you don't show up. Says so right in the description of the perk, idiot. And as well, UAV's have always been spammed this much this early in the games life. Give it about a month and everyone will be using cold blooded

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                          49. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                          If you're smart you would use Blind Eye on a sniper, considering you shouldn't be anywhere near the enemy, UAV isn't a problem, especially when it only shows the the area, not the exact location. And if you think rushing and quick reflexes is for crybabies, then you OBVIOUSLY haven't heard of MLG, or GB or s h i t like that, since there, thats all it is. That's the Major League Gaming skill in CoD, Quick Reflexes and Run and Gun.

                          Last Edited: Nov 22, 2012 9:12 AM
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