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    Play the campaign!

      You bought Black Ops 2 for the single player, multiplayer is just a privilege given to you by Activision. Honestly, this is the best campaign in COD history, so I would strongly recommend you guys go check it out. You won't be dissapointed.

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          If its better than the legendary black ops campaign with great scene, voices and storyline, then it will be great.

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            Here's what to expect : everything you do really changes the ending and also expect to see twists after twists after twists

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              I heard there's also Dubstep slow-mo sequences ;)

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                Here's the summary to the campaign:




                Faceless(or do they actually show what we look like, like in bo2 and I guess mw2/3?) soldier guns down many foreigners, roll the credits.



                I personally think CoD campaigns are the equivalent of B-movies. Lots of action, intense scenes but no real story(or at least no good story...it will always involve a good guy and a bad guy, no character development, just mindless fights that don't make sense *cough* prequels *Cough*, you know what's gonna happen at the end already....).

                I don't know about the BO2 campaign though. I haven't seen any videos of it but I'll go ahead and assume the story is vague and just there to provide a reason for all the shooting...


                The campaigns are epic and all, don't get me wrong, but the storytelling is crap. Its (like I said before...) like a bad straight-to-DVD movie. Few minutes(Maybe even seconds) of plot and then half hour of slaughter. Don't say its unfair that I'm comparing video games to movies. Even games like mario have text boxes telling us it wants to be a storytelling medium. Years after Hollywood came out, we had movies like the Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music. People have been buying and watching these movies for years now, and when the wizard of oz was re-released back into theaters in 1998, it made about $20million...people paid money to get their as* out of their couch and watch an old as* movie. Its that good. But tell me this....will people be playing BO2 in 80 years? Hell no.





                I actually agree with some of what I wrote, but I also disagree with a lot of it. If you can guess where I got the article from, you get a free Padiego certified cookie.

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                  My Wii U froze on the afghanistan mission where you ride the horses. I forgot what the mission is called but it was around the part where you have to take out the tanks. Haven't really gone back since then :/