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    Total number of people=Lag

      Ok so here is what i have been keep track of for the past few days. The number of ppl playing, tonight i encountered no lag and there was around 330,000 people playing and for the most part there was no bullshit except for my team not playing the objective. But that's an entire different scenario lol... So what i am thinking is that treyarch didn't buy enough servers and the servers get overloaded which in hand creates lag. 330,000 or less is the magic number. I would like everyone to keep track of the numbers and if you are playing 330,000 or under please write a comment what you have experienced, and if you have played over 330,000 people also please write what you have encountered. Not only will this help current players, but it will also give treyarch an idea how many more servers they actually do need. It's thanksgiving so i can guarantee there will be more then 330,000 ppl playing. Thanks guys

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          Well, yesterday night I played with around a similar number online and everyone seemed to have 4 bars in most of the games I played, however, I still seemed to do terrible. I shot at people (who were sometimes too close to even miss) and I didn't get any hit markers until about the 4th or 5th bullet and by then, it was too late, I had died. I was stuggling to even get above 1 k/d in some games (when I've had 2.0 k/d in the last 3 CODs).


          The thing that doesn't make sense to me is that regardless of how many players were online at the time, on Saturday evening (UK) and Sunday morning, I was playing like my normal self. My accuracy with the FAL was 42% I was getting over 2.0 k/d in basically every game I played (TDM) which made my k/d rise to 1.74 (started low because of bad connection through the week).


          But, after a short break on Sunday and continuing this week, it has been terrible again and now my k/d is only 1.56 (when I should be around 2.0 if if continued like the weekend).


          I just don't get what changed from Saturday/Sunday morning, the only thing seemed to be the new patch, but how could that have made such a huge difference?


          It's disheartening when you know you can do better, but the connection isn't allowing you and you end up getting worse. I enjoy the game, but I want this to get sorted so that I can get a true k/d (I only really play TDM, that's why I care about my k/d).

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            I know exactly how you guys feel, I was playing great, connection seemed solid most of the time around launch, then ever sense the patch my connection feels like garbage, sure my playstation does not freeze up (as often down to about once a day from once ever 2 hours) But now the game is unplayable.


            Explain how on the same map same class I could get consecutively 2.0 KD's run and gunning with smg's and then now i empty a nearly full extend mp7 mag into someone getting hit markers like crazy, and on the kill cam im not even shooting. So frustrating. At least when my PS3 froze the game was playable in between freezing...

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              Problem is the game isn't based on a standalone servers it uses a P2P system where as it chooses a host from the lobby and that person then acts as a server. Therefore it hasnothing to do with the amount of players online at one time.


              The reason Lag occurs is down to where people are based in the world relitive to who gets the job as the host and therefore the increase in ping and subsequently the lag.

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                  That makes sense, but it doesn't explain how it has suddenly got worse after the patch, any ideas as to why this has happened?

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                      To be honest I have no clue why it people are claiming it got worse after the patch, for me its been the same s**t since I started playing it on release date. The patch was to improve the problem with PS3's freezing whether or not this coding has affected the matchmaking i'm not sure. what I do know is the lag is as bad on Xbox as I have freinds that play on both and they are all saying the same thing. The only games I do not experience any lag in are games where the whole lobby is from the UK where I am based and therefore the only fix I can see for the problem is to make it so the search for a lobby only searches for games in a local region, this may cause problems for the odd minority around the world but then they can be placed in the same lobbies as each other.

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                    As Crosby said the game is based on a Peer system, so it should be scalable, the more players, the more PS3s and more possible connections


                    @mogzy The patch has screwed my game also, only Treyarch know why (or do they?) and they're not telling

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                        yeah guys please report with numbers of what you played with. I think we are onto something here, i hear what you are saying crosby. But i still think it's a numbers game right now, remember that number 330,000 or less.

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                            It's nothing to do with numbers as the more people that are online the more possible servers are available, all that you have experienced is that out of the 330,000 people that were online at the same time as you yesterday is that more were local to your geographical position than you have had lately. Either that or you were on the good side of lag and were benifiting from it this time (this has happened to ma a couple of times).

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                                The only reason I made this assumption is because in my experience it was so clear cut! 100k+ playlist = bad connection 1k-100k ie league, AMAZING connection. There has to be something in it?


                                I also think that they may have sped up the search for 'BEST' games, (everyone was moaning about how long it takes! I'm very happy to wait as long as it takes!) by lowering the required 'standard' of the connection you're likely to get by widening what was a more select pool originally, and surely greater numbers would mean a reduced chance of getting a game with others on your connection standard?!


                                Or is that just a load of ****, haha!?

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                                  Crosby I understand where you are coming from,but I still would like if people could report there numbers and what they have experienced.  And what your saying may be true, bit I usually play with my buddy He lives Cali. I live in ny,  I only seem lag reduced when it was under 330,000 and I can tell you right now the was no where near me.

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                                      Yeah I suppose if you usually play with someone that lives on the opposite side of the states and don't normally encounter any lag issues it does blow holes in my point regarding ping.... just out of curiousity if you were to select a server in CA with you being in NY what is it on pingtest.net?

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                                  I live in Germany i have selected search for "best". before the patch i always played together with german people. after the patch i hear all other countries and only sometimes german folks.

                                  I think they changed matchmaking. before the patch it taked 10+ seconds to join a game , know its mostly instant.  Search options for "Best" of course.

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                                  It's all about match making, not necessarily the number of people online, but where those people are located and whether they're placed in a lobby with you. It all comes down to probability of who you're going to be matched with

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                                    Yea I was wondering why in the hell I am living in North Dakota constantly playing with Germans, Brits, Russians, French, and Muslims?  How is that even possible every game I play in?  If I play with one of my friends though then I play with Americans.  This is just a problem when I am by myself.

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                                      It's kind of crazy to think they can not be prepared for the high numbers.....It's not like COD is a new franchise, or that huge sales were unexpected.


                                      Okay - Potential crazy comment time lol

                                      When there are issues I'm geared toward finding a cynical explanation......So this is probably nothing more than me overthinking.......But I honestly would not be surprised if they 20.01 (or whatever it was) errors were  created intentionally by Treyarch.

                                      There were obviously a ton of issues when the game released - It seemed just about everyone was having issues online and they could not handle the numbers....so instead of everybody pissed, why not just artifically lower the numbers while you attempt to work things out?


                                      Okay I'll take my tin foil hat off now lol 

                                      But it still doesn't make much sense to me that I (and many others) were not able to get on for days, then it works fine (me having done nothing different on my end), and them not having made any announcement or change, just giving that B.S. router stuff.

                                      And it also seems many still can't connect.......It really does seem like they are just slowly allowing more people access.