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    Create a Class limit

      It may just be me, but this whole 10 item limit is stupid... i can understand having to give up the secondary weapon... but having to give up my grenades is rediculous... only adding more grenades should count against your 10 item limit.. having one tactical and one lethal should be standard and not effect the limit... just my opinion but what does everyone else think?

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          I think it's fine as it is. There has to be a limit and ten just happens to be it.

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              I agree...If the limit was 15.....people would still gripe and get pissed.

                   Just like Ghost, for a years and years people complained about camping.....So lone and behold they finally found a way to do it without killing "stealth" completely, and everyone gets butthurt.

                   Devs can never get it right, they are going to be trashed talk till the end of time. Beacuse they cant make millions of people with a million different ideas happy.

                   Go get a degree in game development and buisness, start your own company,

              -Sounds like alot of work" HotRod"

                  - Ohhhhh, well then heres a straw, suck it up till next game comes out.

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              So basically you want to be able to run Primary Gunfighter or Perk 1,2 or 3 Greed, have a secondary and still have lethal and tactical grenades? Yea, that totally makes sense to want it, but the 10 limit is in the game so you cant do that. If tacticals and lethals are so important to you, work them into your class. If your choosing attachments over grendes, clearly they arent that important to you

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                I think you just want all your classes to be juggernauts.


                Ten seems like a good number to me, and I like the wildcards taking a point on their own as well.  This way you really have to think about whether it's worth it to add another attachment to your primary or carry that second tactical or double up on your tier one perks...you get the idea.  I've also noticed that with the 10-point class system the grenade spam on Nuketown isn't nearly as bad as it was in BO1...you can almost get by without flak jacket now!

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                  im just saying that the 1 tac and 1 lethal grenades shouldn't count... i think that the limit is fine... but the grenades shouldn't count... i can do without the secondary weapon, which i do...

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                      When you're setting up a class, try to think about what your goal with that class is: are you setting it up with the intention of capping Dom flags on small maps, or are you planning on being a flag runner in CTF, or are you going to be running & gunning in TDM?  Point is, not all "missions" require nades, and in those cases being able to open up an extra three slots by emptying your lethals & tacticals is really nice.  On others, you will want as many of those grenades as you can get.


                      With the current system you have to strike a balance: you can either have a class which is absolutely great at doing one particular thing, or you can have a class which is pretty good at doing several.  If grenades are a big part of your play style then by all means keep them, but you'll have to ditch a perk or a wildcard or attachment(s) to do it.


                      FWIW, I tend to do best on classes without any grenades at all.

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                        But those are items none the less.......they should count.

                        Some can go without a secondary and some can go without lethal and tacticals....

                        I do it sometimes, alot do