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    Treyarch, most everyone agrees that Ghost needs to be updated. Please fix it.

      Part of the game is tactics, which means slowing down to check a corner, crawling or crouching to avoid fire, or walking while you ADS.


      If Ghost is an anti UAV perk, it's absolutely ludicrous to cause it not to work unless a player is running.


      You guys have to realize that.


      All you have done is turned the game into hip firing chaos, which is exactly what people hated about MW2 and MW3.


      Everyone was looking forward to BOPS2, because we expected it to be more tactical.


      Instead, the vastly underpowered ARs, UAV spam, and Ghost being broken has turned it into complete chaos.


      Fix Ghost!


      Right now, every game has been turned into a private match with the "radar always on".


      Sure, my score does great taking out every UAV, but its just silly.

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