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        30. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

        Totally agree.


        Just keep beating on Treyarch to fix it, and they will. Keep the conversation going.


        They obviously have some anti camper ragers on their development team who came up with this.

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          31. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

          I can't agree with this enough. The fact that it's forcing us into a mindless, hipfire, don't even think about checking your surroundings sort of playstyle is driving me nuts. It's hardly dissuading people from camping and has made it more difficult to deal with campers. I'm sick of people saying that it's a L2P problem or that if I'm doing anything but running I'm camping. I'm still doing really well, I just think the nerf is ridiculously misguided.

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            32. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

            IMO, the first MW had the stealth balancing correct. If you wanted to be steathly(cold blooded then), you essentially had to sacrifice gun damage (stopping power).


            My suggestion would be to make ghost users completely immune to UAV at all times, but slightly decrease the bullet damage when ghost is equipped. I think that would make the perk more balanced.

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              33. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

              The problem is people complained about campers so much they tried to stamp them out, but they messed up horribly with allowing you to shot through literally anything in this game to kill people so now they just head glitch like crazy and shot through what they are hidding behind to kill you. Just take it back to how MW3 had it, let the campers camp and rushers rush. Good rushers will be able to flush out campers and good campers will be able to fish bad rushers its how its always been and its how it is in real life. You don't bum rush an enemy strong hold, you suppress fire while someone else rolls in from behind and takes them out. This game has no tactical play to it at all, you just use the in-game wall hack(which needs to be taken out of the game, we complained people hacked the game to do it so you let everyone do it, thats not how you fix it, Halo 4 did the same thing and no one likes it) and hide behind something and glitch your head and kill people as they round corners. And yes I USED to be a sniper, till this game came out. You can't snipe to save your life in this game, you kill someone then you have to move on or the UAV will light you up and next thing you know you have 1000000000 frags coming in on your position.


              My vote: Make ghost how it used to be and stop trying to change the balance of campers/rushers in this game.


              Don't quote me on this but I did some investigating(split-screen private match) and tested ghost, you have have ~3 secs to move 10 feet or your dot will light up on the screen. That is nowhere near enough time to check around you in hardcore matches or search and destroy games and be able to ADS in around a corner to shoot at someone, by the time you get around the corner you are on the mini-map and there is a huge hole in your head. This is not a L2P or L2A change this is a horrible mistake on Treyarch trying to fix what can't be fixed nor should be fixed.

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                34. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                Probably the most simple solution for this would be to slow the sweep recurrance (how often) of the UAV. This way it could possibly be more balanced as a low point killstreak and also would give the opportunity to both sides of the playing field. The UAV was designed to give a rough estimate as to a players position. You should be able to move far enough in between sweeps that people can't pinpoint your precise position but still have a general idea of where you are/going

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                  35. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                  The point of ghost is to be a ghost, you should never show up on the mini-map if you have it on unless you fire an unsuppressed gun.

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                    36. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance


                    I love assassin for my snipe class but it really didn't fair to well for other classes that I would run around with.

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                      37. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                      I agree. My play style has always been to stay off the radar. Silencers,cold blooded,assassin, ghost, whatever the perk has been. Personally I don't think uav's should be in the game, and if they are, atleast let me beable to stay hidden from them at all times. I'm all about stealth, I always use suppressors, I take flanking routes, I try to get behind the enemy, and sometimes I like to take my time, check my corners, but now thats not really an option without giving away my position.


                      How is being perma hidden from uavs any more op than uavs themselves?


                      It annoys me when I hear people complain about people using the anti uav perks, "this is bull, I get a 3 kill streak and call in my uav and it only shows 2 red dots, now how am I supposed to get kills" Being told where the enemies are is just dumb, it's like cheating at battleship and knowing where the other person's ships are, wheres the fun in that?

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                        38. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                        Ahem ... I'm not going to say the obvious nicedrewish.


                        In any case, I did not like the change before I got the game, I did not like the change once I started playing the game, and I still don't like the change.


                        The intent was to reduce the amount of camping. Well, some of us out here told everyone that camping was not taking place as often as was perceived ... but we were called campers ourselves. Smart logic there. Whatever. The net result, though, is that camping has now been increased. Big time.


                        The solution to all of this was to make the UAV a higher end ksr. Then you would have had fewer people running Ghost and players would have had to rely more heavily on what they actually see instead of what the mini-map shows. Problem solved.


                        Whatever. I've adapted now so I DGAS. I wouldn't mind seeing the stop time increased from 1 second to about 10 to 12 seconds. That would substantially change the dynamics.


                        The best we can hope for now is that the delay will be made longer. There's no way to go back and completely change how Ghost works. That would likely cause more problems than it solves. Besides: this is the game as it has been released now.


                        Own it.

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                          39. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                          There's a huge difference between camping and defending an area in an objectives based game, a lot of people seem to forget that - usually the ones who seem to think all domination points should be enemy free for them to capture (yeah right).

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