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    Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

      • Ok, I'm going to try to be truly objective and give some specs so that maybe this post is given a hint of credence.    
      • Xbox360 hardwired DIR-825 router. (ports QoS yada yada all set the way it needs to be so please don't suggest)
      • Motorola surfboard 6120 Docsis 3 with ISP supported channel bonding up and down.
      • Bandwidth really doesn't matter for this game but 15.78 down 5.6 UP MEASURED w/netshark. Pretty much your premium home tier anywhere in the states.
      • Ping time to a cali server (im in Va) 63ms <------- at 6pm EST no loss 2ms jitter, again measured by group-pinging a host through netshark. (this is probly average)


           K I'm avid at this series, I'm getting frustrated just like the rest of you, but there is some stuff that is frustrating me even more than the lag.


      1)     The frustration is breeding quick "fixes" that actually lead to excentuate the problem. I have to admit I fell prey to it before I did my research got yelled at (by Mac of course) and inevitably found out as they implemented patches my game play suffered more. All the bridge your connection slow your upload yadda yadda yadda actually in theory atleast just sticks you w/folks as latency filled as you are now, it won't work in the long run.


      2)     This is a big one PLEASE READ DEVS!!!!     I have had more unable to modify session, could not migrate host, error session has ended messages just trying to get into a room, I have the search setting on best always but I do play with people across the US typically 1 person in cali (hence the long range ping test) 2 from texas 2 from ohio/MW. so we are spread out. However these error messages are occurring even with just 1 or 2 people in party. So match making is to me at least broken...


      3)     When a match is finally started I have had the displease of finding ou even though I selected best that the other team has mostly 2 and 3 bar people........(See the prevalence of issue 1....) I am not catching host either even though I'm the only 4 bar in a room, this leads to multiple host migrations during the match which is counter productive to the new system eh? I honestly feel that match making is actually leading to most of these bad "lag experiences" so far.... And oh yeah I experience them everytime I play.


      4)     You've heard it once you've heard it a million times lag/hit detection is terrible but again I feel it's more of a match making issue as opposed to a "the game is broke" issue.


      5)      Spawn system....really guys? I get what your trying to do but have you watched some of the games? Literally the only way not to get flipped/revenge spawn is to:

                a) throw betties charges ect. EXACTLY on the spawn point where you spawn, even this only works maybe 70% of the time.

                b)have your ENTIRE team sit back in the spawn........

           This has the opposite effect of actually promoting camping, common fellas work out the spawns cause with the smg war gong on in the game all you have are rushers casing dots to the other side of the map. BIG issue IMHO.


           To summarize I'm not gonna spout 90meg UP DOWN and complain that my connection is great so I should be to, BUT match making should stick like connections together and in my week playing the game this is not the case. Also for you dumbasses INTENTIONALLY screwing your connection up I hope the next patch nulls it because you are in fact adding to the problem...... Good luck Devs but for real work out the match making/latency issues because at this point a loyal CoD fan can not WAIT for Patriots to come out :-)

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          Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

          Some things that helped me cope with lag:

          Take your weapon of choice.


          Play versus veteran bots, 7 on their team and 4 on your team and play objective games.

          It doesn't improve the lag, but it improves your survivability -- your ability to dodge bullets and find working cover, and you learn the spawns.

          Try to win at all costs, ignoring your life.

          Treat them as whetstones, and consider yourself the blade -- run into them untill you're capable of cutting through solid rock.


          Positioning, knowing the current spawn and taking good routes for your weapon is extremely important in this game.

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            Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

            Maybe if there was at least a basic acknowledgement by Treyarch that there is a problem with lag in the game and that they are working to fix it, people wouldn't be trying to create quick fixes? Again, just like last year they are trying to pin the issue on the users. New terms like "bufferbloat" are being thrown out there to confuse people and make them think the problem is on our end. Well, its not. Its the same thing as last year. Our pings are being artificially adjusted to "balance" the game. It didn't work last year and it won't this year.

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                Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

                you're not going to get an acknowledgement on this issue at least.....they will slowly roll out tweaks to the netcode in the coming weeks maybe months. I just know right now it seems as if the match making problems are contributing more towards sour matches than code induced lag.

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                Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

                So the thread I commented on before was deleted after I lost it with a guy saying "route your connection thru a laptop to get lag comped"... This is the problem. Everyone wants to work around the issue and put in the quick fix instead of giving the devs( myself being a software developer[not a game developer] ) bad data. You cannot implement a true bug fix for an issue without accurate data. In a lot of ways, it IS the users that make the issue much worse than it should be. And before I get flamed... I am NOT A COD FANBOY. I totally agree that all of this should have been caught in testing, but it wasn't. Stop trying the quick fixes people... Maybe things will be sorted out. Just my two cents...

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                  Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

                  The tears in this thread are priceless

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                      Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

                      Nothing constructive????? Nice kid, how bout you help the devs with some genuin data instead of trolling posts.

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                          Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

                          AeroXlll wrote:


                          Nothing constructive????? Nice kid, how bout you help the devs with some genuin data instead of trolling posts.

                          They HAVE genuine data. They have their telemetry of game data in front of them and skim the forums for people with issues.


                          Problem with the forum is everyone wants to start a NEW thread on an issue that the Devs already know about.




                          See that one ? Well MW3 still has lag issues a year after the post, all they did was tweak it.


                          Rembmer the MW3 Black Out day ? Nothing got solved there either.


                          Even though the above original post was somewhat informative and pretty well written, it still will get piled in with the rest of the complaints sadly.


                          All the devs see are the titles of post I am sure. They dont want to get involved in them because every word they say will get shoved right back in their faces later.


                          You are going to get all types of issues in this game and the best they can do is smooth them out to work for all players. there will NEVER be a cure all for everybody. Some people will be left in the dark with every online issue. 2 percent lag issues, 2 percent cant join some lobbies, etc.


                          Gameplay this fast will never get accurate net coding. There are WAY too many variables in the outside world to cover all the possible 15 million gamers at this moment across the world who play this.

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                              Re: Is "lag" a symptom of a bigger problem?

                              never asked for a dev reply, but it can't hurt if they get informed about what type of network/connection is seeing issues, they can't know what network setup each player has unless they are told with accuracy. Just for clarity I tried the modem hardwire bit thats been running around the forums aswell...no dice turn on the QoS in the router however and all of a sudden I get good games..But I know why that is so it's been turned off for now. Point is their game telemetry can't report on connection types so I felt it would help for the devs to know, and yeah I think I signed the thread you mentioned aswell, MW3 did however get better towards december and jannuary. :-)

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