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    Good players not able to do good on this game! What is being done to fix the terrible game?

      so.. me and my friends are all pretty good players.  at least we were on every other cod game.kd from 1.40 to 2.50 with high score per min. we also have high w/l %. we dont dashbored or quit games ever. we all rush and never camp.   so we were pretty pumped when this game came out. but...  this game has been nothing but garbage. one team ALWAYS has an advantage from delay/host. ALWAYS!   even good player cant win gun fights when the other person sees you a second or two be for you see them.  sniping is a joke. it takes no skill what so ever to snipe or quick scope.( it ruins the game) sorry, but if im hitting you in the face with a smg, you should not be able to keep your x hair on me and get a kill.. or have your x hair nowear near me and still get the kill.. come on now.  spawns are terrible. you get spawned killed or spawned behind all the time.  the maps are built for campers and head glitchers. every single corner has a head glitch spot.  even though only the head is showing it takes multipul bullets to kill them. shouldnt that that be a head shot.  drop shoting make you invinsable while droping. shouldnt be able to shoot till you are down.  shot guns are kind of strong, but they should be. they arr shot guns, but you should flintch if getting shot, not just pull the trigger from a dead sprint and drop the person shooting you. people should be punished for quiting games. sick of winning and them quiting for good stats.


      I could go on all day about problems in this game.   good players are suffering because of a poor game. I kow alot of people that stopped playing all ready.


      What is being done to fix this game?

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