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        80. Re: I want quickscoping gone

        Quickscoping IS gone. It takes WAY more skill. I suck at sniping and I got MOABS on mw3 because of the Aim Assist. Sniping now =  miss your first shot and you die. I applaud people that can QS successfully.

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          81. Re: I want quickscoping gone

          Must be applauding half the players than.

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            82. Re: I want quickscoping gone

            Look up the global stats. Not NEARLY as many people snipe. I have only backed out of 1 lobby so far because of quickscoping. It gets annoying, sure, but really you have a 90% chance of killing them if you're good.

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              83. Re: I want quickscoping gone

              Never played on Carrier?


              I Quickscopred at least 45 days (game time) out of 46 on MW2 for it's life, so given I have the touch, you could say...I barely did it because it was so easy in MW3, I just didn't care for it.


              Yet in this game if I pick up a sniper it's easy...I have friends who haven't even quickscoped like I have either for awhile, able to snipe people with ease.


              You just might be seeing new players.

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                84. Re: I want quickscoping gone

                Um lol Quickscoping is in any FPS game that lets you snipe so yea also it's not cheating because it's in the game why don't you campers take your own advice that you used on Sitrep Pro complainers and use it because it's in the game and it's not an exploit of aim assist either so yea get your facts straight I find people sniping and putting the cross hair near the target and hitting them a bigger exploit of aim assist then quick scoping. Also I bet you are just complaining about quickscoping cause you came from Battlefield.

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                  85. Re: I want quickscoping gone

                  THis is nonsense. SMG hip firing is nowhere near the problem that one shot kill weapons such as sniper rifles is. It takes a full clip to kill someone, even with an assault rifle! How can anyone go toe to toe with a quickscoper.


                  Never mind that 90% of every game is people camping, even on maps like nuketown. It's awful. Even if you don't think these weapons are broken, you cannot possibly think this is good gameplay. The game environment is utter crap and lag just makes it worse. Every game, all I hear every two seconds is a sniper rifle being fired. Every objeftive is placed right in the line of sight of at least 3 snipers. What's the point? I've never seen such biased design.     

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                    86. Re: I want quickscoping gone

                    Film_Not_Rated wrote:


                    Wrong, Sir.


                    They may have said they took aim assist off, but they did not...and if they did, it REALLY is easy to snipe in this game, beating out MW3 which I thought would be impossible.


                    By the way, don't go by descriptions that Devs put in games to describe gun power, they are mostly false because it won't work/over works how it was intended.


                    They did not remove it entirely, as I said you still have aim assist when you are fully scoped in.  I've tested this out myself and seen videos on youtube with the same results.  Take any SMG, LMG, AR, Shotgun you like and go into a private match with a friend on the opposing team.  Without ADSing, run your crosshairs horizontally across the target back and forth.  You will notice the sticky aim kick in as you cross the target.  This sticky aim is what makes it so easy to stay on target while hip-firing a weapon.  Now try the same with a sniper rifle (any of them) with any combination of scopes that you like and you will notice that the same sticky effect does not happen.  It was this sticky effect that made it easier for QSers to track and hit pop-shots on laterally moving targets.  Without it, things are much more difficult, though not impossible.


                    I stand over my description of how the snipers work in this game (their damage) - this is from my experience using them.  I was actually being quite generous to the Ballista - often you will hit the target in the head and get a hit-marker. 


                    It's so much easier, I find, to run around with an MP7 or PDW and hose people down without even bothering with ADS.  The SMG has a much bigger advantage in CQB in this game than the QSer and of course that's how it should be.  Most of the SMGs have a similar TTK as the sniper's ADS speed, so realistically in an even situation with both players seeing each other at the same time and reacting at the same time, there should be no question of the SMG user winning and from what I've seen that's typically the case. 

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                      87. Re: I want quickscoping gone

                      Please guys, let's leave the abuse behind and keep this to adults having  a mature discussion so we can get our point of view across, we will probably never agree but at least there might be a some understanding from the other side


                      For me there's a fundamental problem with quickscoping that some quickscopers seem unable or unwilling to accept and it's that it makes the entire balance of weapons a mess, I shall explain.  (Please bear with me on this one)


                      Just imagine that today there was a change in the game so that shotguns were given a massive amount of range and power, so much so that I could use an 870 to shoot you dead right across the biggest map AND get a OHK!!!

                      Are you imagining this? Taking a gun that's in the game designed to kill at only short ranges and yet can be used at vast ranges, with incredible accuracy and kill with with just one bullet.


                      How can that be right?  How can it be right that a very short range weapon designed to be used right up close can do that?  It would be totally wrong right?  It would be completely stupid!


                      And then if your going to do it with shotguns, if your going to allow that you will have to allow it to happen with all weapons, you can't have a shotgun with more range, accuracy and higher kill power than an SMG or an LMG so they'll have to get it too!  Do you see what I'm saying here?

                      It throws out the balance to what weapons are designed to do in the game, you might as well let pistols have the ability to do this too.


                      This is the fundamental problem with quickscoping, if you allow a long range weapon to have this massive amount of flexibility then you have to allow every other weapon to have it to bring balance OR (shock horror) you allow the short range weapons to only kill at short ranges, medium to medium and long to long.


                      If quickscoping is allowed to continue, if long range weapons are amazing at short ranges then you might as well have every single gun exactly the same, same power, same range, etc, and what an utterly stupid game this will become.

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                        88. Re: I want quickscoping gone

                        The only thing problem with your shotgun analagy is that, in real life, the bullet from a high-powered rifle would, if it hit its target, would be just as effective at closer range.  CoD is a fast-paced Arcade shooter and not a simulator.  All of the weapons in the game have to be adapted to the pace of the game.  If you were to have the sniper rifles perform more like real life there would be no place for them in such a fast paced game.  In the real world people don't run around with SMGs jumping, dropping, spraying like you see a vast majority of players doing in these games.  If real world mechanics were applied to the snipers in these games then they would be rendered practically useless.  I think that was highlighted with the amount of hate towards sniping in BO1 when it first came out.


                        I've been playing CoD multiplayer since CoD2 on Xbox, and always when I used a sniper rifle I did it the old-school, traditional way.  The likes of Hutch and Grizz were out there quickscoping from the beginning, but it wasn't really till MW2 that it took off and became really popular. 


                        I remember thinking back then that quickscopers had to be cheating somehow to be beating me and my SMG or AR up close.  Between the quickscopers and the noob-tubers I grew tired of MW2 fairly quickly and took a break from CoD for a while.  As MW3 prepared for release and I knew QS was going to be back, I decided I was going to learn how it was done and how to counter it. 


                        I watched a tutorial on how to do it and I remember thinking "Okay, this looks easy"... so I ramped my sensitivity up to 8 from 3 (as recommended) and set out to put this newly learned technique into practice.... It was far from easy and took a lot of perseverence to get to the point where I could do it reasonably consistently (I practiced in FFA btw)  and started getting good enough to the point where I wouldn't be a detriment to a team. One of the things that I learned though was that running around trying to hit pop-shots on anything that moved is just going to get you killed more often than not and so I've always tried to use quickscoping as more of a tool to get out of trouble in sticky situations.


                        That's my experience with quickscoping.  I went from not understanding and hating it, to trying it out and seeing both perspectives and appreciating the difficulties and challenges it presents.  I still wouldn't consider myself a quickscoper because I tend to only do it in those last resort defensive situations, but I have come to believe that it is one of the more difficult playstyles out there.  I think BO2 showed that 3arc made some good compromises to facilitate quickscopers plying their trade, but at the same time making the faster acting rifles need more precision and the more powerful rifle being slower in all aspects, as well as removing the aim assist when not ADS so there are so many less reasons to cry foul if you do get quickscoped. 

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                          89. Re: I want quickscoping gone

                          sorry but this is BS, like the other guy said, if sniper rifles can be used as close quarter weapons then why not make shotties long range weapons as well.  Lets call it Long-Scoping with a shottie.


                          just look at how this game has turned out.  The nerfed the hell out of ghost, BUT made QS easier what kinda twisted logic is that.


                          sorry but QS cannot be logically defended.  And the argument about a sniper rifle being effect as close range is BS, because nobody chooses a sniper rifle for a personal defence weapon in real life.

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