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        40. Re: COD has become McDonalds

        I work 40hrs a week, have a family rasing 2 kids, when i have an hour or two to play on my ps3, like COD, i want action.  I don't want to crawl around a map all stealth and slow to get 5 kills in 15 min.  I played Medal of Honor and it's completly boring to me.  I want to run and gun and have some fun with action.


        If you don't like, then go play at your Wendy's and I'll play at my Wendy's.


        Beat it and get off the forum and please don't buy another copy of COD, no one needs people like you on the forum.

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          41. Re: COD has become McDonalds

          U can do the same. How much action are u expierencing now commenting on a forum? losts of damn action right? have fun eating ur shitty mcdonalds and playing with the over powered SMG's and the other 10 year olds u play with.

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            42. Re: COD has become McDonalds

            I agree with op, I actually made a very similar post like this. And to those who complain about the points he makes that's what forums are for, discussion. If enough people complain then change is supposed to be made.

            If you want to run around and get kills then do it, no one is making you creep around a map for 5 kills in 15 minutes. For the most part run n gun is the only playing style where the older CODs incorporated all playing styles.

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              43. Re: COD has become McDonalds

              yep my thoughts exactly COD games have become so pathetic in the last few releases its not even funny. The average age on the ps3 is around 10 yrs old they get on their mic and are so annoying, the lag is just getting worse with the newer releases and yes it seems that the smg guns are the most powerful which is pathetic on its own. My favorite COD to this day is still MW2 because its great, hardly any lag, tons of action, good gun fights, the maps are perfect there is something for everyone, and the people who still play know how to get higher killstreaks then just a pathetic uav!! I thought BO2 was great on the first day but now that its been a bit all I see is just the cheap players playing as cheap as you can possibly get in an online game! Weak sauce

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                44. Re: COD has become McDonalds

                Frame your copy of mw2. There wont be n e thing like it released by activision.

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                  45. Re: COD has become McDonalds

                  If I were to tell Mcdonalds the food was wrong or bad they would probally give you a coupon for a free meal.Yet if you tell activision that its bad or wrong they just remain silent.

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                    46. Re: COD has become McDonalds

                    +1 for mcdonalds. -1 for activision. They didnt even have a customer support number available when the servers were ****ing up or n e way to tell thier customers what was goin on because once they have thier money they dont care about the customer. Thas the difference between Mcd' and COD. McD has to appease u to be a repeat customer COD already has ur money for the year. so why do they care after that? Possibly to be a repeat customer next year but not as immediate for them as it would be for McD

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                      47. Re: COD has become McDonalds

                      Izjar11 wrote:


                      Mcdonalds was the best restaraunt back in the days it began

                      It was a drive in, very prototypical back in the 1940's, and it was called McDonalds BBQ! How this compares to COD is a wonder in itself.


                      CoD started out as a minor game ikn the grand scheme of things back on PC, it evolved when hitting console with B.R.O., next gen consoles ( these now) opened up what it erupted into (CoD4, W@W, MW2) .. now it is water downed crap for the nO_oBs. The Veterans of CoD are being phased out for a GTA FPS.

                      People dont notice the change and soon enough it becomes what it is today



                      Turned into a non-aiming rock scatter shot fest, easily accesible side show of incompetent design 


                      This will be the last COD I buy. especially if infinity ward has dibs on the next. Ill frame my original blackops remember the good ol days when they made games for adults and not ADHD kids and move on to another franchize. COD is dead. Waste of money last time I buy n e thing from the value menu.

                      This was written by an adult?


                      The McDonalds vs Wendys comparison left me in a dazed WTF state. Moving to your point, you could have just said, I'm done with the COD series, good bye. Make sure next time you really do not buy the game! You'll do us a huge favor.

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                        48. Re: COD has become McDonalds

                        At least Mcdonalds has quality control. Trey Arch is basically selling us burgers knowing they have E. Coli(bugs) in them and promising to give us anti-biotics(patches) after we eat them. They make billions of dollars, and have been doing this for a long time. Coding for the PS3 can't be much harder, they're just lazy.

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                          49. Re: COD has become McDonalds

                          But yet you STILL go to Mc D's and you STILL buy the CoD games. What's your user name? I'll send you a friend invite so we can run together in the next CoD game, MW4. See ya there.


                          Oh, and don't lie to your self either.

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