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    Black ops 2 broke my ps3

      I just bought black ops 2 on launch day and have a fat 80gb model. After reading about the hard freezing issues on ps3 and have experienced two of them myself, i decided to wait for the 1.03 patch.

      ok, the patch came and I installed it. Decided to give the game a try to see if the problems were solved. Unfortunately,after two normal games, another freeze when I was entering a multiplayer game.

      Result: forced reboot...yellow light of death!


      I have never experienced this kind of problems with another game and my PS3 was working just fine until this happened. Now my ps3 is dead and I made a complaint to Sony in Portugal.


      I expect everyone having this issue to come to this topic and talk about it to make our voices heard.

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          1. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

          Welcome to the club, my ps3 won't read any discs after a few freezes well on my unit. Now I have a few new games and nothing to play them on. Very disappointed

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            2. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

            Alright, if you had aan 80GB Fat PS3, it means you've had it for a while more than likely. Mine gave out earlier this year and I had to go get a new one. The PS3 is just like any other machine, after time, it will need to be repaired or replaced. To blame it on one game in particular is wrong because quiet frankly, every game you've ever played, every movie you've ever watched, and everything you've ever done on your PS3 has led to the Yellow Light of Death; not just Black Ops 2. My experience occured with Madden 12; which had never frozen before and then started freezing. I, at first, thought it was the game because it wasn't freezing on other games I played. Then, sure enough, it started happening with other games. This occured for a day or two and then wham, YLOD.

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              3. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

              Try to go into the hidden ps3 menu and correct your problem. I fixed some problems by doing this. Good Luck

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                4. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

                mine was a slim

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                  5. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3
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                    6. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

                    Unfortunately I can't even access the menu.



                    Sog_hanix do you think all the problems with console shutdowns, hard freezes,etc that have been reported here at the forum and damaging your console is just pure coincidence? Don't think so!


                    And unfortunately many more will join this thread the next few weeks if the problem is not solved!

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                      7. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

                      You would think that there would be some kind of documentation in the book about saving the textures to HDD to save on the blu-ray drive but there isn't the book is basically a a picture of a controller and all the rest is legal stuff.It does say in the book refer to this manual for information on using the software.That info is game controls and how to turn it off and on nothing more nowhere does it even mention that you can save the textures to the HDD.

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                        8. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

                        Just a short update: Sony Portugal told me I should contact activion.


                        Now guess what activision is going to say...


                        To all "fat PS3 users": Don't play this game until it gets patched! I've looked into several forums, including sony playstation Portugal and there are a lot of people with the same problem! Black ops 2 WILL DAMAGE your console!

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                          9. Re: Black ops 2 broke my ps3

                          you need to contact customer support they will send you a brand new one for nothing there has been warnings about the game effecting the fat consoles this game has crashe 3 of my friends consoles.and for the record battlefield 3 did the same thing i think has something to do with the new disc formats but im not sure.

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