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    Tonight was perfect

      I don't know whether any connection related issues where fixed in that title update or if the server maintenance has improved anything but playing tonight it has been the best it has ever been for me. A variety of different lobbies and matches and not a single bit of lag for me. I had loads of fun with the game most of my games were 30+ quite a lot over 40 and I had a couple of games where I got over 70 kills. Every time I died I felt it was fair and I was registering hits no problem (my aim is still a bit poor at the moment though haha).

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          Re: Tonight was perfect

          Same here, bud. Lovin' it

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            Re: Tonight was perfect

            Lucky you.


            For the first time IN MY LIFE -- I have shut down the xbox in rage and just done some laundry instead of playing when I have time to play.


            I shoot a prone enemy 8 times with my SMR, on 2 meters range.
            He kills me.
            I hip-fire 7 rounds 5 seconds later, and he kills me again.
            I round a corner and fire 5 rounds directly into the chest of an enemy, and he kills me.


            Searching for the best connections available.


            In addition to three bullshit spawn deaths and 3 assists from enemies I shot twice or thrice with a 50 damage weapon within the 50 damage range, those deaths from my KILLS were the final drops.


            There is a MASSIVE -- BLOODY MASSIVE -- hit detection problem / hitbox desynch in the game.

            I can go back to MW3 and utterly **** everyone with a pistol -- but using any semi-automatic in Black Ops 2 only results in deaths tonight.


            The game doesn't want me to play it.

            That's fine, because I don't want to play the game either when it acts like that.


            I LOVE the custom class system, I LOVE the weapon design for SCAR-H, SMR and SVU -- but the balance issues and lag is really, really, REALLY getting to me right now:

            I KNOW I could pick up ANY SMG and go 3 to 1 against those same opponents.

            I could pick up an automatic assault rifle (bar SCAR-H) and go 2:1, abusing the lag by strafing.


            But I want to play the game the way I want to play it.

            I want to be able to use semi-automatic weapons, and just unlocked the SMR with my prestige token just because it's the most flavorful rifle in the game apart from SVU and SCAR-H.


            I have practiced accuracy versus vetran bots for hours now on Carrier, and it's not my aim.



            Better rant here than to create a new topic to vent.


            Sorry about that.

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              Re: Tonight was perfect

              I'm very jealous mate - I'm having the worst time tonight - 10x worse than anything I ever experienced in MW3 - my shots not registering, being shot when I'm well behind cover, insta-death without even hearing a gunshot, frame-rate issues, slowdown, the whole lot.  Just been totally unplayable for the most part.   On top of all that it really seems like the spawns are out to get me.  So many times I've spawned into Hellstorm missiles, lightnight strikes, with an enemy immediately in front of me just hosing me down, or have someone spawn right behind me.


              It's been the most frustration I think I've ever had with CoD.  I just had to put the controller down, turn the xbox off and call it a night.


              I'm really hoping Treyarch manage to address these issues for the folks out there that are experiencing problems, because there's a really cool game here and I know from games where the connection has felt right, there's a lot of fun to be had with it....

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                Re: Tonight was perfect

                Sorry to hear that you guys are still having issues. I've no doubt I haven't seen the end of the lag and horrible lag compensation but tonight I thought was really good for me. Don;t give up just yet it's still early days

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                    Re: Tonight was perfect

                    One thing to consider is that there are "bad" times to play and "good" times to play.  Considering there are no dedicated servers you have to think about "who" is playing, and where those servers might be.  Combine that with obvious flaws in the game and it can be a crap shoot. And I don't think you have to be a "beast" player to notice these things.

                    These are not new things but they seem to be amplified in this iteration.

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                      Re: Tonight was perfect

                      I've no intention of writing this one off... i stuck MW3 through the good and bad times for the whole year... there may be some rocky roads ahead, but I've faith that things will get better over time. 

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