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    FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!

      Fix lag compensation right now sick and tired of this NO ONE should have an advantage just cause of their signal sick and tired of being Insta-killed and my shots not registering and fix your spawn system right NOW it shouldn't feel like Havana on Demolition every match I play. I played FFA just now and I was killed at my spawn 10 times in a row seriously I should not be spawning near people and I sure as hell shouldn't have people spawning behind me especially when I am not even camping. FIX THESE TWO THINGS NOW!!!! Or this is the last game I buy from any company that's with Activision even if it's not CoD related sick tired of the effort that you make when it comes to making a game you should of fixed the spawns 4 games ago and the lag if you can't fix start banning people who lag and if you can't fix the spawns BAN ALL people exploiting the spawn system I wanna have fun not get killed every second because of BS I should be dying because of my mistakes and my mistakes alone NOT because Lag Compensation and the terrible easy to exploit spawns.