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    Lag Comp - What is your PING?

      I really wanted to start a thread complaining and raging about lag comp, but no point,  most of you are expereincing it also and it doesn't seem like Activision is even looking at these forums.


      Let me start by saying I'm by no means an expert on any of this...(so please don't jump all over me, I'm just going by my connection and what I've experienced)


      However one thing I'm seeing on here as well as youtube... most people seem to think their gaming connection and lag comp  is determined by their download and upload speeds. unfortunately the PS3 conenction test is very flawed because it doesn't show whats most important regarding your connection. Your PING.

      People assume because they have slow download or upload speeds they have bad internet connection for gaming. Not true.


      Download and upload speeds actually mean very little at all. I have proven this over and over again with my own connection.

      I currently have 25MB download speed, and 3.5MB upload speed. generally with about a 5-10ms ping which is extremely low. I recently lowered my internet plan to 3MB download hoping this would also RAISE my ping. Unfortunatly it didn't, my ping remained the same. Blops 2 also played the same.


      The fact is thorugh your router you can lower your DL and UL speeds. I can lower mine to like 1MB DL, and 40KB UL, and even stream a netflix movie while playing.... game still plays the same because my ping is so low.





      So I thought instead of people just talking about their internet speeds.... how about we share our actually speeds more accurately and descrine how the game plays for you good or bad. Seeing the ping from eveyone says alot more than anything else in my opinion.


      So, go to speed.net and post your results.


      http://www.speedtest.net/result/2323165271.png   (DL 25.09, UL 3.64, PING 5ms)



      My problems with lag comp started with Blops 1. The game played fine for me except when I hosted. And I seemed to host quite a lot. 9 out of 10 times things weren't going my way I knew I was being screwed by lag comp and that I was host. The good thing about Blops 1 is when you QUIT, if you were hosting you would always see the host migration thing, so yes, I knew I was hosting. (I didn't rage quit, it was like a side game for me, I knew if I quit I'd see the host migration come up, like i said 90% of the time i was right)

      When not hosting the game was enjoyable.



      MW3, forget about it, just completely unplayable.... and so far blops 2 is pretty much the same. I bought blops for zombies with the idea that if MP worked it would just be a bonus.


      I do miss the good old days where having the best speed meant your gaming experience was the best. This should be the benchmark and what people should strive for. If you are lagging and the game plays bad, then you should get better internet. If you can't afford it or live in a place that doesn't allow it thats unfortunate. But why should people with good internet suffer?

      Its like a car race and making the guy with the festerst best car use a restricter plate to make it far for the rst of the drivers.


      I understand lag comp is in every game, and its something we all need. Funny though how for years and years none of us ever hard of it? Games do need balance but this isn't working. COD was GREAT before Blops 1.


      thanks for reading my lengthy post and please sahre your speedtest results as well as how the game plays for you (good or bad)

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          Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

          Ping is variable to what you are trying to connect to. My average is 20ms, Upload is 5mbs, Download is 15mbs.

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            Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

            I ran 3 speed test just now. 5MS ping.






            I assure you its not my network having the issue. Yet I LAG all the time. My KD blows, wins..wait what wins?


            My connection - Due to the nature of my work not beacuse I can afford it.


            PS3 ---hard wired---Cisco 6509 core swtich --> Cisco ASA Firewall --- > (2) 10GB Internet connections. each connection has 2 diffrent ISPs and I have tried 4 diffrent dedicated routes nothing works. However EVERYTHING else works at light speed.








            BTW the top 4 ISP's above provide US/CA backbone internet. Tier1 providers. Can't beat that.

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                Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                Test all you like, the only ping that matters is the one between you and the host, and you can't test that.

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                    Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                    Sennalike is 100% correct! The test you are running is between your nearest provider and your location, not that of the host in the game.

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                      Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                      As I said, I'm not an expert on any of this...however I experienced lag comp with Battlefield 3 as well for the last year (so have many others)  and that game is on dedicated serers. (no hosts) Not nearly to the degree of this game, but it was in BF3 at times for sure.


                      Maybe there is more going on with the matchmaking in this game and hosts. But I think the bigest issue is still good vs bad internet connections. (pings)

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                          Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                          ok guys that makes sense.... wasn't thinking of it that way!


                          however....I would still be interested to see what peoples baseline internet really is! people who say their intenet is crap or say its great.... is it really?

                          Wether its good or bad, still must make a difference when conencting to the host? or am I mistaken there as well?


                          or maybe people like me and nasir with low 5ms pings are hosting more often thus experiencing more problems?

                          (i know hosting for me sucked in blops1)

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                      Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                      I'm not too sure on how it all works really all I know is during the day time people move so fast its just not even fair. Like they move ten times faster than me and I'm dead before I can react. I'm thinking to counter the lag comp I should try messing the the sensitivity thing. Either way I know how ya feel and its just insane but they won't fix it.

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                          Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                          I'm in Wisconsin and with my closest server I get around a 35ms ping/30mbs down/4mbs up...


                          However, I think if you take the time to actually try out servers all over the US then you get a better feel for how your internet stacks up. 


                          With a server from L.A. I get 75ms ping/21 down/4 up.

                          With a server from Miami I get 60ms ping/18 down/4 up.


                          Typically I get paired with other users in the midwest, so I'd expect a ping around 40-50ms on average for each game.


                          I get killed in lag comp whenever I'm the host...  Have in all the recent COD games.  Drives me nuts when on my screen I get off 4-5 shots (and hit markers) but on the killcam my gun never even goes off...  This game seems to be worse than MW3 for me personally.  I get the occassional game where it plays beautifully, but it is quite rare.


                          It's something I've learned to deal with, but it does take away a bit from the enjoyment in the game.  My connection isn't even all that great but when I get picked as the host the game becomes basically unplayable.

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                          Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                          This game lags so much, never experienced anything like this before. I fire at enemies running past or away from me and they keep going, constant hit markers and no deaths, every game is the same. This is why so many people use SMG's, the fire rate over comes the delay. I love the FAL yet it is pointless even trying to get it out of the armory. I knife people and die instantly, watch the kill cam and my character is no where near where my display showed him. Blops was awesome and this game makes me feel detached from my character. I also seem to constantly get European lobbies, so no point switching my mic on, not impressed at the minute.

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                            Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                            All you need to do is find a common public ip address or domain ie Activision .com and then compare the results, an ip address is better as it is always in the same location.  Find out the domain details of Treyarch.com in Cali for example then everyone pings the same place.  To compare latency you need a constant.

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                                Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                                Good advice mate however for those of us that just want to pick up the game and play the only option is to wait for Treyarch to resolve the matchmaking lobbies. Local lobbies would mean local hosts and better connection, reduced lag. Blops had the option for local search only, why not Blops 2? Every lobby I get into is European, makes playing strategic pointless, no way of organising, updating player locations etc. Please Treyarch, sort out the matchmaking.

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                                Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                                Im on the east coast in New England and I suffer from horrible lag in this game yet I have blazing fast internet speed when it comes to everything with the exception of this game. I can come around a corner face-to-face with and enemy and will knife as fast as can be but im instantly dead. The kill cam however, doesnt even show me attenpting to knife but reveals the enemy firing 5 or 6 shots. This game is utterly unbearable to play and I will not support this franchise again. In a game where split seconds and lightning fast reflexes matter the most but are insignificant because of problems that plague this game, it seems pointless to spend any more of my time playing this game. the programers and developers of this game should be very embarassed to be associated with this poor excuse for a sequel.

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                                  Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?


                                  Problem is, as I said on another post, it doesn't matter how fat (bandwidth) your connection is or how fast you can ping (presumably match making) servers, you're packets have to travel to the host who could be on any number of different isps.  Now these isps don't always get on well and they're not plugged directly in to each other so you might find that to get your packets to someone sitting in the same town as you, they might have to do a round trip to Scotland involving 20 'hops' and each hop brings about its own little bit of lag and potential for packet loss, the only way to test this would be to find the ip address for whoever's hosting and do a traceroute to find out if there's any bottlenecks.  I have a similar experience where my family live about 5 minutes from me in 2 seperate houses and to connect to both of them gives me 3 bars and a poor quality game.  They're both on virgin and I'm on sky.

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                                      Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                                      Interest stuff, I've leanred some things.


                                      Makes me really wonder why they ever messed with what used to work so well?

                                      Before blops 1, i can honestly say games pretty much always felt the same. If I ever experienced any kind of lag. It was more of the glitchy, studdering, rubberbanding kind.... which wasn't very often.


                                      I can only think the reason for this new coding in the games is to somehow make their pockets fatter. they certainly aren't trying to make the game play better for us. Why else would they try and fix what wasn't broke? I have nothing to base this on, just my gut feeling.

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                                      Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                                      Yeah i was wondering about that. I have also red that your ping is most important and its determend by how close the host is. So that should mean that as long as the "best"connetion search dont work there is nothing you can do right?


                                      On the other hand it has happened that ive forgotten to close my browser and it resulted in lag. Even depending on which sight i was on. So ive closed it and the lag went away. Shouldnt that mean that speed is crusial?

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                                          Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                                          No, because that would be bandwidth. Cod and other online fps really don't need much bandwidth, they send a steady stream of small packets. What's more important is that they all reach their destination safely and fast as possible.  If you have a lot going on with your connection, or one of the routers (hops) along the way does, then you'll end up with your packets being queued behind other traffic and your packets only have a short ttl (time to live) so they may never even get there.  Add to this upload takes precedence over download and therefore effectively queue jumps so the packets you're receiving back get stuck behind the packets you're sending out.  So basically when you're downloading and uploading whilst playing, you're creating lag not by taking up all the space (bandwidth), but by making all the info coming and going queue and possibly time out.

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                                          Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                                          I've never had any problems with any cod before, but this game is just unplayable at the moment! I'm getting dropped by what seem's like one bullet but on view the kill cam I am around the corner totally exposed and the guy has put at least 5 in me! And as for people just popping up right next to me! They just appear out of no where and this must be due to the compensation lag!

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                                            Re: Lag Comp - What is your PING?

                                            So the situation is I game on extremely fast uni internet, it pings google, bbc and teamspeak etc <5ms. Note this is on the PC version but we have the exact same problem.


                                            In game when I play on UK or even EU servers I can't win a front on engagement what so ever, and I die so long before walking to corners when on the killcam I walked past the corner and was touching the other wall. I knew it was down to lag compensation but I was hoping someone with better editing skills would post an example.


                                            But anyway, here is mine. Please thumbs up, comment, share, tweet the execs and developers with it. Maybe one day they will fix it. Enjoy.



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