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        20. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

        i think your right.  Nobody that wears ghost would care if its gone as long as uav was taken out of the game.  problem solved.


        With that said though. i think they just need to better balance the ghost perk.  Org. it hid you from uavs and the pro ver hid you from all air support.   The devs decided to preak one pro ver. into 3 separate perks.  which im cool with.  You need one for ai air support, one for player controlled support and 1 for uav.  Not a bad idea since you are given so many options to custom build your classes.


        But the devs went a little too far.  They made ghost only work when moving.  which is overkill really.  Simple making it non moving specific would balance the old ver. since its broken into 3 perks.  You also have to consider how easy its for a team to spam uavs.  sure you can shoot it down. but then with have the team spending half the game hunting down uavs. It makes them easy pickings for the other team.  You got to remember they also to out sam turrets too.  So its not like you can rely on that to take them out while you play the obj.


        I honestly think this could be a simple fix but 1 of 3 things.


        1.  Take uavs and ghost out of the game.  (prob not gonna happen though)


        2.  Take away the move req from ghost since that one perk is broken into 3 others.


        3   make the points needed to call in a uav 2.5 times what it is currently.  making it harder to get.


        I think option 2 is the easiest and best solution.  You got to remember that with the way things are now. true stealth is out of the picture. which is a legit way to play the game and to achieve the obj. With one of the changes. You will be given the option to either move faster to get to the obj or slower but more stealthier.  Also this will force everybody to not rely on a uva and be more away of their surroundings.

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          21. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

          That's what doesn't make sense, they already split the perks up to the point where if you want to run all the "stealth" perks you have to use a wildcard, plus the 3 perks which comes out to 4 of your 10 creat a class right off the bat. With the 6 remaining you have a primary and a secondary, so your down to 4, everyone for the most part uses attatchments so lets say for the sake of argument you use 2, now your down to 2 open slots. With those 2 open slots you still have perk 3 open, tactical grenade open and lethal grenade open so your going to be left out of one of those. So you choose to be stealthy you get a seriously reduced class which is fair enough assuming ghost and UAV weren't so rediculous.

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            22. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

            I run UAV all the time. Not because I can't earn the higher streaks, but because I'm a team player. I'd rather support my team than rake in kills. So I run things like UAV, CUAV, VSAT, Guardian, and Care Package which I let a teammate on a bad streak have to maybe turn things around(I'm like a Player-controlled death streak with that behavior). So I disagree with "UAV is a noob ksr". But back to the topic, I think UAV and Ghost are, somewhat fine. You don't need to be sprinting for ghost to work. But crouch walking, crawling, and ads walking will still get you registered. If I find the video proving it on the forums I'll throw the link this way.


            nvm. link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNtGOvZIUDE&lc=qmZMF4Fk5p1DRtaQzz0Gmozg6diWIXb1_g MTwZLEcG0&feature=plcp


            Anyway. I don't think remove ghost and UAV is the proper way to go. I think the main reason UAV is spammed so much now is because

            1) teammates getting kills while it's up adds onto your streak

            2) streaks a lot harder to get now than in previous games so for new players, the game isn't even a week old, lower streaks are more appealing as they build skill and confidence for the game.

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              23. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

              Has nothing to do with them being overpowered and over used, UAV and ghost single handedly destroyed hardcore in this game. A gametype where you have no initial minimap nor should you unless a UAV goes up, now that is taken to the extreme for all intensive purposes the UAV in this game is a first killstreak orbital v-sat. It's rediculous that I have to be on UAV 100% of the time running a LMG when it should never be a concern to begin with. Hardcore has never been for the SMG, not at least to the extent it is ran now. It's pathetic you completly destroy an entire aspect of the game to pander to some cry baby who doesn't know what he's doing. And to those who cry about campers, it takes 0 skill to hipfire a SMG, which sadly is all that happens in core, every single kill cam, not once do you see someone actually hit the left trigger. Yea that's real skill....The balance for campers has always come with tubes and explosives. If you know someone is constantly camping a corner then you sit back and lob in a nade or another type of explosive, you don't blindly run in over and over with an SMG and die time and time again. People only cry about campers because they lack the skill and know how to do anything about it. My weekly/monthly KD in MW3 is always over a 3.5 and while my accolades for headshots, kills, fewest deaths, are all ranked in the top 5,000 my accolades for most time spent prone, most time in one location, most time spent crouching, are some of my lowest accolades. File share is full of MOABs, and it's from moving, not sitting in a corner. Worst part is those kids who do nothing but sit in a corner never do that good yet you cry about them. Hardcore domination the group I play with were all ranked in the top 10,000 and we destroyed games by playing the objective something you can't even do in this game. You get two points, grab the lead then you sit on those two points and hold them, which is the entire purpose of the game......and if for some reason you find yourself down then you change classes, throw on a tac and get in there and get it back. Crying about people not playing objectives when that's exactly what your doing, crying because everyone in the game isn't running around like a chicken with their head cut off like they are....there is a reason you're losing and we're dropping moabs and killstreaks left and right. For anyone to sit there and say UAV/Ghost isn't broke is laughable, with the exception to sit rep pro post patch in MW3 this is the biggest flop of a decision the COD series has ever made.

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                24. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                Ghost should work with or without moving for all weapons. It's just silly that you die constantly if the enemy gets the first Spy Plane. With Snipers the situation is even worse. Basically you just die all the time because run'n'gunners with SMGs are overpowered in close quarters and they know all the time where you are.


                This game is balanced towards running'n'gunning but in previous Call Of Duty titles you could actually do that, or play tactically if you liked. That's not even close to same as camping. For example in Search And Destroy you may check every corner carefully before advancing if you are alone agains multiple enemies. Now even with Ghost on, if you move and aim at the same time, you are visible. If you climb, you are visible. If you plant a bomb in SnD, you are visible.


                The game gets pretty boring when you can only run'n'gun or just play weak. Only one playing style to select.


                TREYARCH: Don't you think splitting BlackOps1 Ghost Pro already to 3 perks (or 4 points!) wouldn't be nerfing enough? Getting it after level 55 and spending the first Prestige unlock to it is OK, too, but Ghost so weak? It's not cool.

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                  25. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                  At first I was OK with the Ghost change. I move around anyways, I don't camp. The first few days, it made me a better player. I was more aware of my surroundings.


                  But now the effect of the change is rearing it's ugly head.


                  The irony is this. The change was made to prevent camping. What has happened, however... is that once a team gets a UAV in the air, they can then camp it out and wait for the red dots. Even with Ghost equipped, you register if you slow down long enough to ADS or advance on a target slowly or tactically. It is disheartening to have the drop on someone because a teammate communicated location only to have them run directly towards your red dot which appeared when you stopped for a split second to check your corners or advance carefully through a door.


                  Either needs to be put back to where it protects you no matter what, OR tuned to a point where you are able to stop moving long enough for tactical purposes. Long enough to fire a rocket.


                  If not put it back to full strength, then do this. If you are moving, no dot at all. If you stop moving for 10 seconds, you have a ten second period in which your dot gradually fades back in until it is solid (kind of the reverse of what happens when you die and your dot disappears). This would benefit all play styles. Campers would be able to hold an area more effectively. Runners would be able to get the drop on campers who linger in one spot too long. No effective player can ever keep moving at all times, nonetheless move quickly. There are always times when you need to slow down or stop entirely for tactical reasons.


                  Teammate runs into a building, you are trailing behind them. You watch them go inside, and die immediately. Would running into the building be the intelligent thing to do? No, you would a) hit the deck and watch the doorway for exiting enemies, b) carefully breach the building, moving slowly and checking your corners.... pretty much any solution would involve slowing down or stopping. Seems silly to punish players for handling that situation correctly.

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                    26. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                    It's bad, I like the idea they had coming in, I really did, in theory it sounded fine, but like most things when it came to real world use it just failed horribly, all ghost does is force you to play a certain way or it doesn't work at all. Worst part though is that now with nuketown going offline all the attention will go to that, rather then fixing core game issues like this

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                      27. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                      Even with all the portable radars and uav in Mw3 most people did not run assassin.


                      I really see no point in destroying the ghost perk, it was only a problem with a very small amount of people abusing it. And most the people that did that were so nooby that they didn't use assassin anyway cause they didn't know it would help.

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                        28. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                        Well said, Nice!


                        Exactly what everyone is thinking.

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                          29. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                          Going to be fun reloading the LSAT LMG when a UAV is called in.

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