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    EXPRESS game mode - NO GHOST

      Ghost is just out of control 3 people are using it a game and its already bad enough where in this game you loose every gunfight cause of lag compensation and people say you cant camp with ghost thats bs you can just use stock and move back and forth with it in a building also you can unlock before level 55 its RIDICULOUS everyone is using the permanent unlock tocken on ghost and it is just bs and then people use surpressors and ghost WTF how lame can you be that you have to come up from behind people to kill them thats all ghost people do and you say you nerfed it well NO you dint.



      In my opinion this game is more like Modern Warfare 4 then Black Ops 2 its just riduclous in BO1 we had a no ghost game mode that all the good people played and it was fun and i want an opinion from some people who DONT use ghost because most people with ghost are trash and only have a 1kd i dont use ghost and hold a 3.00kd and a 2w/l. 




      So who agress we need an express game mode that takes away ghost and all the people that use ghost can just play the regular game modes like they did in BO1