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    [NUKETOWN 2025] This is ridiculous...

      When I picked up my copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, I did not receive my Nuketown 2025 pre order bonus from GameStop. They said contact Activision.


      And so I did. I tried chat, but it's "unavailable at this time". I've sent two emails so far and a request form and I'm about to send my third e-mail, with still no response.


      I've already missed the double XP weekend, I'm furious about that. So what is going on here? I didn't pre order this game back in July to NOT receive my pre order bonus. I mean, I already got my Dragonfire player card with no problem. So why is there a problem with this huh?


      This is the first time I've pre ordered a Call of Duty game, and I guess my last. This is ridiculous.


      And no, I could not get the Hardened Edition since I did not have enough money for it at the time last Tuesday.


      Somebody help me here. Cause I don't even know what to do anymore other than contacting them since they're obviously not responding. And calling is currently not an option right now, sorry.


      It's been over a week. I'm greatly losing my patience.

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