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    Playing with local players EVERYTIME

      So we have all come to agree that playing with people near you is a good thing.  We all agree that putting BEST as searching preference is a good thing.  But now we all agree that most times when we choose BEST we still get ANY and NORMAL setting players in our lobbies.  So then we can come to conclusioin that setting your searching preference to any option is probably a complete waste of time, even though it takes less than 2 seconds to do it


      Solution:  BEST only play with BEST

                     NORMAL play with everyone else but players set to BEST

                     ANY - No longer an option


      This is the only way that we will ensure we play with local players and have the best experience playing BO2.  We still need NORMAL for the people who do not have any players local to them and are having long wait periods in lobbies.


      Thoughts?  Other possibilites?