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        120. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

        The funny thing about the whole ping-based matchmaking ( which i looked forward to because i have a decent low and consistent ping), that with the search preferences set to best my gaming experience becomes worse... i know that i can ping to nearly everywhere in europe in under 20 ms, too but i can ping to say like the netherlands and germany (where i'm located ) in approx. 10 ms. and there are plenty in germany playing it - so why putting me in lobbies and making me the host( which makes it even more unbearable) with people from italy, spain, england etc. ( no offense, i don't have anything bad to say about their inhabitants). with their crappy ping and three bar connections just to poop on me because of lag compensation - it's unfair.


        i examine the same exact thing - the more people online, the worse it gets. seems to me that multi team is working best for me so far but still far far from perfect.


        Lag comp is so bad in this game - i even think it's at least as bad as in mw3. Black ops 1 performed flawlessly for me (except the same hard freezes in the very beginning but they fixed it - so there is hope)


        I will repaet it over and over again:



        IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED TO A BEARABLE LEVEL and levelled out to an even gaming experience for EVERYONE!!!!!!

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          121. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

          Yes there is something fundamentally wrong with the servers and matchmaking now, as the game played perfect for me on launch but keeps on getting worse and worse as more people play, and the experience is better on low population playlists, though far from perfect.


          Today and yesterday i've only gotten lobbies with mixed nationalities accross Europe, which means that 2/3 of the lobby is on a 3bar and a full second ahead of me. I get the same results with all search preferences, it's like Finnish and other Scandinavian players have completely vanished from BO2. And this on the most highest populated playlists (TDM).


          If go to multi-team where the might be only 2-7k people i might get a playable lobby, but those starting to get unplayable to me most of the time now.


          I also made sure there's no buffer bloat and hardwired to my modem directly, it made no difference after playing several games on different playlists.


          I seem to loose every single gunfight now unless i am at distance, which you cannot maintain due to the map size and i need to shoot them a lot to get the kill, and while relocating someone spraying and praying drops me when i came up on the corner ADS and start shooting first.


          Over the course of few hours played yesterday and today, i've lost like 90% of the matches im in and my W/L gone down 0,2, and K/D down 0,1 and that would be a lot more if haven't avoided CQB and tried sneaking up on people.


          I really, really frustrated and pissed off.

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            122. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

            I have 50 meg service 7 ms ping so now after the patch came down they fked me I cant kill anyone again just like MW3, why would they bring back this lag compinsate back is the worst then they did to this game. When playing this game before the patch it was great I miss the days where I would stay up all night with my friends now I cant play 3 games without having a stroke. I thought that 3arch was going to bring the game I loved back, please fix this. Love the new zombies would be fing great if the game played smooth on all modes.

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              123. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

              lol without having a stroke... right now i'm developing an anurism in my brain from rage! hopefully the patch sorts it

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                124. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

                Yeah it's just getting worse. Just played 2 matches of Dom in League play, there you can have a decent connection usually but unfortunately lag is present there if you get unlucky. After winning the first match i thought okay this is fun, then come next match i get paired up with a team that had 3 guys not making a single capture in dom nor defending the objective, after the first half 4 out of 6 on my team rage quits and we end up losing by over a 100 with me going something liie 18-18 with 8 caps. I just cannot seem to win with this game, i get shitty team mates and horrendous lag in pubs, and shitty team mates league play as well.


                It's too late to get the 3g stick today, maybe getting one tomorrow so i can too have a 120ms "base ping" to level the playingfield with all of these multinational lobbies i am being put into. It's that or just stop playing CoD for good, i already raged a full year with MW3 and will not repeat that, might just as well join the effing lag team hailing from France, Spain and Italy.

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                  125. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

                  hit them where it hurts people, do not buy there season pass unless your happy that this situation gets rectified in a timely fashion, patch 1.03 ruined this game.

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                    126. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

                    Well im sure not buying the maps if this i how the lag comp is gonna stay... Free ripped off after buying this game sure not gonna put anymore into no wonder sale are down and dropping with these bunch of clowns.

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                      128. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

                      They need to install a regional lock for big game modes, next to basing it on Ping.


                      People should be pushing for that, as they won't be able to balance gun fights right with so many different connections continentally and worldwide.

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                        129. Re: Getting owned by lag compensation

                        That video is perfect!

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