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    This game is becoming a camping fest, and it's gonna get worse?

      Leave the lag issues and the others stuff, the thing that really bothers me are the campers and how a certain map can ruin a player game.


      Example: First map - Nuketown, few campers, no big deal 'bout campers on this map, anyway, I finish the game with a good score 60-20


      Same people, same lobby, new map - Hijacked. I had really a bad game, like 23-23.. The point is everyone soon or later will become a camper, I couldn't do anything that everyone was camping in houses or in any place ideal for camping.


      How to fix this? You play like a camper aswell. I've been playing CoD since CoD 4 and I've never been a camper, yet this year looks like I'll be forced to in most of the maps, I do think am not the only one doing that since I see more campers day after day.


      It just sucks.