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      OK so this morning I woke up pissed off with bo2 this is the second disk i have had in 2 weeks so here is what i did.


      For people that don't know I have 3 playstations.


      So this morning I went to gamestation demanded a replacement disk and started talking to the guy at gamestation about the problem he informed me that I was not the only one having this issue with the game locking your ps3 and freezing the game screens.


      He gave me a replacement then it got me thinking everytime I have used the game I have installed the texture so I brought another one to see what would happen.


      And guess what the ps3 slim without texture installed has been working fine for 3 hours now as for the other game both are new mind. It locks the ps3 after 30 mins of game play and now it won't even get past the multiplayer main menu without freezing,


      So time for me to get a full refund on the damaged disk.


      I think installing the texture must some how damage the disk maybe laser burn or something.


      PS hope this helps.