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    Pick 10 system critical analyses

      First let me say that I absolutely love the idea of the pick ten system.  This is the most flexible loadout system that I've ever seen.  I've even made a knife class that's competitive!  I'm all about speccing in games (I'll respec at the drop of a hat), which means you have to make hard choices.  Treyarch has also done a wonderfull job of balancing your options, bringing perks attachments and equipment more evenly inline.


      However there a few things that bother me about this system (yes I'm going to nitpick (its called fine tuning))


      First it appears that the good folks at Treyarch can't count.  Here's what I mean: 

      If we assign this point system to Black Ops one here's what we get:


                                                                                       Pick                                                                 Points

                                                                            One Primary weapon with attachment                          2

                                                                            One Secondary weapon with attachment                     2

                                                                            Two Tactical Grenades                                                  2

                                                                            One Lethal Grenade                                                       1

                                                                            One Equipment Slot                                                       1

                                                                            Three Perks                                                                     3

                                                                            Grand Total                                                                     11

            So shouldn't we have 11 points to play with to bring this game in line with the first one?  I am aware that some tac grenades only gave you one but the commonly used ones were 2, and that rolls into my next nit to pick.


      Second is the surprisingly poor craftmanship of the Black Hat.  We have shock grenades that can be picked up and tossed regularly.  We have guns that go through an explosion and can be picked up and used (the sight isn't even damaged).  Flack jackets that can heal themselves.  Why oh why do we have a one shot hacking device.  I can understand that Treyarch doesn't want to overpower anything, but couldn't they have simply made the black hat a permanent device and just had it use 2 points?  Also this system makes it so that players that die will always have black hats available while those that survive won't.  Forgive me but it seems a bit broken to reward people for dying like this does.  I could also see saying that the Black Hat has limited power and is good for only a few uses before it's dead.  I could even see saying that it can only control one device at a time and that hacking a second device releases the first.  Or there could be a combination of these options.  So to recap the options are:

                                    1)     Make it cost more points (there's no reason everything HAS to be 1 point)

                                    2)     Limit the times the black hat can be used (but it should certainly be useful more than once)

                                    3)     Make it control no more than one object at a time ( I think this is my favorite.  It would mean you might not hack that spyplane because you don't

                                             want to relinquish control of a piece of equipment)


      Last nit-  Why won't ghost work unless your moving?  For one, in any situation moving lowers your stealth, it does not increase it.  Two Ghost has been subsequently nerfed over the last three games.


      In Black Ops Ghost pro gave you:

           No red reticle, or name - Now under cold blooded

           No targeting box against enemy controlled killstreaks - Also under cold blooded

           Immunity to enemy automated killstreaks - Now under blind eye, but only for air killstreaks

           Immunity to enemy radar - Now under Ghost


      In other words you need three perks to match what Ghost Pro did, and even then you're still not protected from enemy turrets.


      In MW3 this was broken into two different areas:

           Assasin gave no reticle, or name and immunity to enemy uav (all of them for some reason)

           Blind Eye gave immunity to all automated killstreaks and no target box against enemy controlled killstreaks

           And as an additional bonus you also got Immunity to Cuav and EMP - now under hard wired


      In other words you needed three perks to to match what Assasin pro and Blind Eye pro did, and even then you're still not protected from enemy turrets.


      Don't you think Ghost has been nerfed enough (especially with the improved value of the attachments and equipment)?

      P.S.  I am a consumate run and gunner.  I simply do not have the patience to camp, but I still think this was a dumb idea.


      The pick ten system is an amazing step forward for the call of duty series, but I believe it still needs a little work. Thanks for your time.


      Robbie Rocket pointed out another area the pick 10 (hopefully pick 11 lol) system could use some work.

      Scorestreaks should be picked within the class build.  Different scorestreaks are better at some things than others, so if you like to build purpose built classes like I do, you might use wildly different scorestreaks in them.  There simply isn't enough time to change your streaks after a map is locked in, and you can't adjust them in game if you switch classes.

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          Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

          yeah!  it's like it should have been the pick 12 system!

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            Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

            Pick 10 is right. Pick 11 is not needed. Before we chose little and that made some of the things peripheral, now all are desired placing extra onus on them.


            Pick 12 could have been used if adding scorestreaks into the class (and yes I can count, I say 12 not 13 or 14 because, again, all items are chosen).


            Yes all items should be 1 point, no they are not all equal. They in fact probably range in worth from 0.7 to 1.5 but the reality is that its easier to maximise what you have and weigh the items against the enemy or scenario than against another item. Treyarch can also balance all items by effectiveness and are probably doing that as we speak.


            As for perma-Black Hat. This would be like a perk. I also think that you've spun reality on its head when you say, those who survive are punished and those who die are rewarded. That's nothing to do with it. A survivor may well have survived by their use of Black Hat. Or died because they used it. All the load out choices and uses are down to the individual and the scenario. Dying just respawns you as you were. If you used Black Hat successfully then it's served its purpose, its 1 point. If it did not work then there's a choice of when and how to use it or select it.


            Regarding Ghost. I will say only this. Go onto a Private Match with a friend and research how much/little you have to move to be avoided by UAV.

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                Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

                I would say one point increase will not change anything and by your own argument its all your choice.  It just seems wierd to me that we are building classes that are technically weaker than the ones in the last black ops.


                I don't know how you didn't understand what I was saying about black hat.  If I die I respawn with another one.  If I use one and survive I'm down that slot.  Quite clearly someone who dies a lot could use twelve black hats in a single match, but if I don't die then I only get max 2.  And there were more options than just a perma black hat listed.


                As for the ghost thing I already experimented with it.  You don't need your friends to find it out either.  When Ghost is active your triangle on the minimap fades (not completely) so its very easy to see how much you have to move to keep it active.  My protest stands.


                I completely agree with  you that scorestreaks should be subsumed within the class itself.  Not sure if I like the idea of it being part of your pick system although that could be interesting (imagine a class that was loaded out with only a uav for a scorestreak).  Personally I build classes based on what role I like to play (support the team, be aggresive, hold the position etc.) and its annoying that I can't choose scorestreaks specific to that role for each class.  I'm going to add this to the original post.  Thanks for the thoughts.

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                    Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

                    You make fair points BUT we're at a stand off on the death-spawn with full loadout thing.


                    It's not a simple discussion. I'm on my lunch break so we'll have to get back to it.


                    Ciao for now.

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                        Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

                        After thought I agree that the black hat should not be perma unless they were to make it a perk (although really it would belong with engineer then imo).  I suggest limited uses until power drains, and only one controlled at a time.  What they could do is actually have a battery power bar and say that the BH must keep constant radio contact with the hacked device.  I'm not sure if this is doable or even wise but they could actually have battery power drain faster the further away you are.


                        TBH I solved my issue with it by running scavenger.  Infinit black hats baby!


                        Still I feel that if my phone (which ironically looks just like the BH when its in its case) can survive for more than one call then I'm sure thier hack device could do so was well.

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                    Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

                    I've just realised that although we technically get 1 point less than the previous Black Ops class setup, the equipment (which is the extra point) has now been merged into lethal and tacticals, therefore 10 points is probably correct.


                    As for the black hat situation, I would like it if it was like your third suggestion, however, this would be hard to implement.

                    Let me explain why.

                    It's because if you used it on one thing, then another, yes, you would only have control of the last thing you hacked but what would happen to the previous thing? It wouldn't be able to go back to the enemy (as that enemy may have died, therefore it would have dissapeared), and it can't get destroyed otherwise it would end up as an unlimited usage piece of equipment because you could just keep hacking a new thing to destroy the previous enemy equipment.

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                        Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

                        Thats a good pt about the black hat option but I think there are two simple solutions. 

                        1) If the original owner has not died then it reverts.

                        2) If the original owner has died it dissapears.


                        Also there are some hackables like turrets AGRS and possibly even HKs that dont go away simply because the owner died and this is where I feel making choices will be most important.


                        As to your first point it really doenst matter what catagory they put the equipment under your still down 1 pt.  Altogether I don't think this is a huge deal, just odd.

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                        Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

                        I have a gun with three attachments. I am happy.

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                          Re: Pick 10 system critical analyses

                          We will always be left wanting more. To me picknig ten seems enough, sometimes I'll feel like I'm coming one short but then again so is the rest. As for the black hat, that is exactly where I last found myself wanting one more slot. But thats what makes it fun. By having that slot less we are all forced to be more creative.

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