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    TDM Score recommendation




      SPM is becoming a leading statistic especially when game modes' statistics are merged as career statistics.


      SPM is and probably always be wrongly given in TDM. True TDM objective (as in, what achieves a win) is kills minus deaths and I have detailed this in another thread.




      However, I have a fix for the current system which equally rewards someone scoring 25-30 as someone 25-0 (yes, that's someone giving 5 more kills to the opposition than they got for their team equalling someone who scores 25 kills for their team and giving none to the enemy).


      My fix would be to give 100 points (permanent) for each kill, as now, but also to award a further 100 points for each kill over their deaths. This second 100 points will be added and deducted depending on someone's kills minus deaths.


      At 0-0 they would get 200 for a kill, so they are on 1-0. If they then die, they lose 100 points, if they continue to die more, they lose nothing because they have lost all their "bonus" kill points already. Upon being even again, say 5-5 they will then accumulate 200 points again for each one.


      This would mean (using my former example) that the 25-30 player has around 2500 points and the 25-0 player has around 5000 points.


      Someone on 13-2 (+11) would compare in points to someone on 24-24.


      Something related could be done for Kill Confirmed.

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          I remember this post a while back, and like before I support this one too

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            My fix would be to give 100 points (permanent) for each kill, as now, but also to award a further 100 points for each kill over their deaths. This second 100 points will be added and deducted depending on someone's kills minus deaths

            Sounds like a very practical idea.



            SPM is and probably always be wrongly given in TDM


            SPM has a wide variety of interpreting it, and can be very inconsistent which makes its statistic inconsistent and some what irrelevant. For example depending on the map, what you do, when you joined, etc. Not to mention the double XP events, that by themselves seem to trash the use of SPM as a wrong skill determinant. I feel there really just is no stat or combination of stats that show usefulness in a game.


            But your idea is alone and very well worth the effort to look into (atleast I would if I were a game creator).

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                You're right about SPmin, I think SPmatch is better but even that is not completely ideal.


                With TDM however, score is plain wrong. So SPmin or SPmatch will also be wrong. Closest to correct is detailed in my linked thread. In this thread I am appeasing the current scenario by adding some "real meaning" and "real score reward" for good/helpful play. I will push this thread when other issues have subsided.


                Remember that all game modes have objectives, the objectives (fact!) are the things that achieve a win. In TDM there are 2 basic things to do to achieve a win: score positive in kills minus deaths or help teammates score positive in kills minus deaths. Yes, that's the extent of TDM objective, kills minus deaths. But deaths play no part in this score and so score cannot and does not represent objective at all.


                A player scoring 20-30 with no assists, no scorestreaks destroyed etc. will end on 2000 score, and in a game of 7.5 minutes has scored 267 SPM.

                This player gave 30 kills to the enemy, 10 more than he/she achieved.


                A player scoring 15-0 with 4 assists (of 25 points each) and 4 enemy UAVs destroyed (75 points each) will end on 1900 score, which in the same game is 253 SPM; lower than the player above.

                This player gave nothing at all to the enemy, not a single kill for the enemy, they also killed 15 times for their own team and added 8 team support actions.


                Just take some time to look at that.

                The first player has a higher SPM and stands higher in the final standings, yet is way more likely to be on the losing team, something around 5-10 times more likely.

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                    I'd love to see my positive KD's incorporated. Many of my friends prefere TDM while I'd rather play objective game modes for higher XP per match. Implementing the suggestion above would not only benefit me personally but my teams as well.


                    Another improvement I'd like to see in TDM is extending the length of the matches. I spend more time in the lobby than ingame. Can we not go to 100 or 150 even?

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                        Valid points. just remember that "team K/D ratio" is linear to "team wins minus deaths" but "player K/D" is not linear to "team win", "player kills minus deaths" is however.


                        Your K/D ratio (a strength for you it would seem) would be better represented in score by any of the methods I suggest. Anything at all including deaths in score-calculation will improve things.


                        The level of importance of K/D is factored by kills. SO a K/D of 3.0 means more with 10 kills than with 3, this is all numeracy fact.