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    Summary of My BOPs2 Issues

           I am sure everyone is having similar, if not the exact, issues, but I've yet to see a thread with exact problems that the PS3 gaming community is facing. Then again, I've hardly lurked these threads the past couple days, so for all I know, some of this may be a re-post.


      • Lag - Not the average lag-compensation issues seen previously in MW3, but more of a one-shot-kill type of connection. I have not necessarily been shot 30 meters around corners as in MW3 also, but I have (And I have the vid in my vault) shot a motionless target 26 times out of my 36 round magazine (Vector) from ~10 meters out, only to be turned on and 1-shot'd again. I also received the hit-marker icon on my screen for the majority of these rounds fired. Also, other times I have the other end of the stick, resulting in near God-mode. This, of course, is about a 1% occurance, and only when I have 2 bars. Usually my issues arise when I have 3/4 bars.
      • Connectivity - I often (9/10) start a match and will freeze for approximately 5-10 seconds entirely, and for the following 10 seconds receive the connection interrupted icon. If I move, I am returned to my spawn location until an undetermined amount of time, usually no more than 5 seconds. Another issue concerning connectivity is the amount of times I am disconnected from a match and far more often freeze momentarily (and at times, entirely, resulting in a hard freeze) in the menus and during Champaign gameplay.



           What I am curious is what other, if any, complaints/issues/lag other gamers are experiencing? Other than these issues, I would have to say this is my favorite CoD, yet. If I weren't 1-shot'd nearly every match, I probably wouldn't scream so much... haha.