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    Here is what I think. A professional review from a Competitive CoD Player. How CoD should be.

      Lag compensation removed. Ppl should pay for what they get. I should not have to have my connection that I pay 200 bucks a month for to be matched with someone who has bad internet. You should get what you pay for and if ppl have bad internet then they should be the one lagging. Not me.



      Aim Assist- Flat out stop this aim assist bs..  If a pro player is pro then you should 1 be able to aim not have no assistance.. I tell you what lets see these quicksnipers try to get 40 kills quicksniping with no aim assist and I bet you they cant... Of course though if you took away aim assist you would have nerds running around using mouses on a console claiming they are good but at the same time at least the game would be alot more competitive..


      You should have 2 type of modes and with all the money that you made off all of us how bout get this done?. Like Max Payne 3 Multiplayer- Free Aim. And Hard Aim servers. 


      Free Aim Server: Players will Have aim assist. Hell its so easy right now why not just have the aim assist like you do in single player for multiplayer I mean thats what it is coming to.


      Hard Aim Server: A server for us players who are competitive. Do you know how many kills you would see ppl getting if they had no aim assist? It sure wouldnt be 40 kills or above more like 20 if your good 20+. Thats how it should be. Competitive. You wouldnt see ppl running round with 10 lookspeeds thats for dam sure.



      So I know you players out there would like to see that hard aim server! Where it would take skill to aim and skill to win. Thats how it should be. Who supports that.  Thats why max payne 3 was fun to play! Could you imagine CoD having no aim assist where you have to do all the work! It would make things alot more tactical and you would have to set up you wouldnt be able to just run around and run and gun and shoot that m8 like never before across the map unless you have skill and are a good shot. Then we would see who is the best CoD players. Wouldnt you all like to see it like that? Instead of getting headshotted everytime you spawn and move..