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    Pulling host and Dashboarding

      Heh, they think that putting players in a sin bin for 5 mins because they back out or dashboard too many games is going to stop people doing it?? HAH


      Today has been the most rage inducing day ever. I've pulled host most games today, and have been "probationed" 3 times today alone...


      I feel for any poor person who pulls host in this game... It becomes totally unplayable, and I mean totally. MW3 was bad, but it got better towards then end of  September (a full 10 months after release) this game is a ******* joke when it comes to pulling host. I hate it, your bullets do nothing, you get shot round corners and walls, you get killed in front of you when no player was there..


      It's not even about stats, i'm at what 1.4KD, hardly impressive, it's about being screwed over and as such, if everyone else should have a carefree non laggy game because I'm host, I'm sorry the game will end and nothing count. Makes me lols though is that somehow it shows on elite even if you dashboard and are not the host. But if you are the host, it isn't and everything doesn't count for anyone


      Bottom line is I refuse to be penalised for being host,. why the hell should I stay in the game? Then try to penalise us again by sin binning, Treyarch, i'll sit here for as many 5 minutes as you want games will end no matter what.. You want to piss players with good interent off, I will disrupt games by dashboarding. plain and simple

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          So selfish

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            MW3 was bad with host? I did just fine infact I did better most of the time. This game is no different.

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              Funny thing is you most likely werent host most of the night. This game picks a different host almost every game. Unless you played with and against the same people all night then you werent host most of the night.


              I also know that the probation is working because I have only had one host disconnect so far. That is acceptable considering I had played enough to be 2nd prestige lvl 32.

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                Don't care about your stats so much and just back out.

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                    I don't buddy, I really really don't care about my stats at all. If I were some MLG whore, or a pro player who regularly hit 2.5+ KD I would take all the insults and moaning at what I do because yeah i'm trying to keep my stats high and whatever.


                    But I'm not. I just want to be treated fairly like the other 11 players in game who are not experience any lag because they're not the host. Take MW2 for example, I never dashboarded, just backed out because lag was dealt with so much more fairly and better than future releases.


                    BO1 came out, and thats when I started dashboarding - the lag and hit detection on that game is appalling - or perhaps, the weapons were underpowered because getting used to not having Stopping Power as a perk was more difficult than we all thought.


                    Then MW3 came out, and thats when dashboarding became regular. It took IW 10 months to finally make host lag balanced enough and I stopped dashboarding.


                    BO2 has a LOT of issues to be fixed when it comes to lag, far more than MW3 because the hit detection in MW3 was spot on.


                    And unfortunately whilst it may seem selfish, I don't feel fair letting someone or a team run riot because of my host lag, so we should all suffer... Thats fair.

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                    I get host allot and honestly i get no lag.  Not saying some don't but I haven't experienced it.

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                        stat rage quiter end of story thats all dash board quiters are

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                          ok,so when i join your game and you dashboard on me,i; not only report you via player card for cheating,ill avoid you as a player and reort your account via MS for cheating,PLAIN & SIMPLE kid


                          if you dont want to get host then DOWNGRADE your internet

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                              No one should need to downgrade their internet to play this in all fairness. I'm getting a constant barrage of hideously laggy games and although I back out rather than dashboard, I can understand exactly where this guy is coming from! A lot of the back-outs are accompanied by a host migration to be honest.


                              At the end of the day CoD would be nothing without multiplayer and in order for the game to deliver what 95% of customers want, it needs to optimize someones connection and host the game with them.


                              I can't understand the logic of hampering the host, when one of the biggest complaints over all the titles is 'too many crashed games due to dashboarding' and 'too many host migrations' - this is now being activiely encouraged! Was the same in mw3 and actually the same on blops after an update came down in around June that year.


                              Even if the host is at a very small advantage, isn't that better than games constantly being interrupted??

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                                1) No I will not downgrade my internet because it's not my problem treyarch have no idea how to balance lag, or how to make host lag at least bearable. Online multiplayer games need people with fast internet to host their games, if they then choose to penalise them, we will do what we can to make OUR gameplay fairer by leaving to game, or in some cases dashboarding. I'm guessing you're another selfish prick - not caring who the host is, as long as your came is lag free eh... I hope i DO meet you in a lobby and dashboard haha, you'll rage so hard it'll be funny.


                                2) Report all you like, it won't get you nowhere. I've dashboarded probably over 100 games in MW3, and so far about 20 in BO2, and I'm still here, no XBL ban, no ban from game.. U mad?


                                Reading all these selfish morons moaning at people like me who dashboard because it disrupts their game, well host lag disrupts my game so you'll have to deal with it, and all the selfish remarks being made is only gonna make me keep on doing it if I have to, no selfish words from players who never host is gonna change my opinion..


                                And again, idiots who think this is about KD, Why would I protect a 1.4KD?? by all means keep being idiots, it makes me laugh

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                                I do exactly the same, I don't give two flying ***** about 5 min probation ! While ever this systems ***** me over I will keep pulling the plug if I'm playing lone wolf. If I am with my clan I sit in the back off the spawn behind a box !

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                                  I agree with this mate. Treyarch NEED people with good connections to host their lobbies.


                                  I don't blame you for dashboarding. Why should you suffer for having a quality connection so some little casual gamer scrub with a poor connection can run around like terminator thinking he is good?


                                  Treyarch are basically saying.


                                  You host, you have to suffer from our lag "over"compensation. You quit you are banned.

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                                    This is hilarious. You know what I do when I think the lags against me? I leave the lobby like a normal person that doesnt have CoD stat rage problems and jump into another lobby or just call it a day if its been a few games in a row with issues. If you didnt care about your stats you wouldnt dashboard the lobby. 


                                    Do yourself a favor, chill out and research on how to lower your connection speed so you dont pull host. I would post some links for you but it sounds as if you may need 5 min to chill out

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                                        Why should he have to throttle his connection speed to play the game?


                                        If everyone did that there wouldn't be any good enough hosts.


                                        Even when not host you are still punished by lag overcompensation for having a low ping.


                                        This is a clear problem that have been going on for the past two years now and it needs to be fixed.

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                                        Thats some dedicated dashboaring right there. Don't you get a loss on your record if you dashboard anyway?

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                                            I think you do if you weren't the host - which I've made a mistake on a couple of times.

                                            If you are the host what I understand happens is - nothing is recorded for the host (Kills, deaths, challenges etc.. Not even on elite, the game doesn't show)


                                            If you weren't the host, the same applies above, but your game does show on elite, and as I said, you get a loss recorded on your account.


                                            Couldn't care less.. If I HAVE to pick at stats, W/L ratio is irrelevant because you could be paired up with 5 clueless montage whores who will take 30 deaths for 2 or 3 quickscope kills (Don't you find it funny in these montages, they never show their score ) and be against 6 decent players all running SMG's.


                                            Again, either way I couldn't care less what my stats say, every stat is irrelevant.. Even these MLG dumbasses with 4+KD's. If they're constantly matchmaked with bad players, their KD is fake... If matchmaking was done PROPERLY done by skill, do you think those lowlifes would maintain their high KD. I doubt it. I wouldn't be surprised if any MLG or other competitive games players play in League play just for this very reason.

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                                                I dashboard loads dont give a monkies what anyone thinks, after the first couple of gun fights you can generally tell if you are host and I would say 70% of the time im right. I have also set my connection search prefernce to best as I have fibre, no packet shaping or QOS, blah blah and guess what all I get is europeans to play, atleast 75% of players I meet are non-UK based not what I would class as the best match, how about I could actually play with a lobby of players from my own country that would be BEST!

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                                                  Its ok I'm not criticising, I just presumed you still got a loss. However your probably best laying off the game for a while because your experience doesn't sound too great. Treyarc are good at fixing these issues and it's early days.