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    Buff the SWAT-566

      At the moment I can say it's the most useless gun in the game. It has a slow rate of fire and it's burst capabilities are outdone ten fold by the M8A1 that shoots twice as fast and does just as much if not more damage.


      I was really happy to see it included in the game since it's been my favorite gun since Counter Strike and SOCOM II, but to see it be the worst gun is disheartening.

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          I disagree, although I only play HC. I am getting one burst kills left and right with it, and have had some of my greatest games. In fact, it feels a lot like the CoD4 M16 to me. I unlocked the M8A1, which does have a more rapid rate of fire, today and was getting hit markers with it.. in HC.


          I personally have found the SWAT to be an effective weapon, and thoroughly enjoy using it.

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            I use the SWAT and don't have any problems in Core unless i'm in a super laggy game.

            Sometimes I kill with one burst but most of the time it's 2.

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              Swat is actually a very good gun.


              I suggest tweaking some of the guns instead of buffing guns.


              We buff one gun then the other guns need buffing. This will cause the players to start shooting lasers instead of bullets.


              Some guns that needs tweaking (my opinion):

              The shotguns. Deadly accurate, a bit father range for my taste, and can be combined with long barrel and laser sight to make all the hip firers happy.


              Sniper Rifles. Needs more Sway.


              SMG. Laser Sight and it seems like the Skorpion EVO is deadly accurate w/o laser sight on the hips.. which is a bit absurd.


              Everything else seems fine to me. Feel free to rant or comment on my opinions.

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                The M8 needs one full burst of 4 rounds to kill at 1200 RPM within bursts -- with a (I guess) 0.1 second delay between bursts.

                The 556 needs one full burst of 3 rounds to kill at 900 RPM within bursts -- with a 0.2 second delay between bursts...


                M8 needs 0.15 seconds to kill on medium range with 100% accuracy, then 0.25+ for a second burst kill

                556 needs 0.135 seconds to kill on medium range with 100% accuracy, then 0.335 seconds for a second burst kill.


                SWAT 3 hit kills up to about 50 meters while the M8 4 hit kills up to 35 meters...
                Why the burst delay is so much longer for the SWAT556, we will never know.