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    Infected Playlist Changes

      Seeing as how I've recently been tossing around some ideas for potential changes to Infected, I thought I'd just put them all in one consolidated place in order to better keep track of them, and to prevent other discussions from creeping up that might otherwise detract from the ideas. I'm also more than happy to hear other people's suggestions for the playlist. So drop them off here if you have them, and hopefully Candice or Teanah can check the thread from time to time and pass along the ideas that (hopefully) get generated here.


      As someone who spends most of his time in Infected, I've come to notice some things, and had some ideas to improve the overall experience of the game mode beyond what it already is. Some of the changes are minor, others are larger, but I hope they're all beneficial for improving the mode. So without wasting too much more room, these are what I have so far:


      Minimap and Survivors -


      So here's my gripe about the Minimap: First, it allows survivors to watch it and learn where everyone else is. Because of this, once they become infected, it becomes easy for them to just run over to the spots and get kills. Of course we don't want it to be too hard for the infected, but I also think it's a little unfair, especially if you're the type who plays Infected to survive and not go for kills (which often means trying to hide out until towards the end).


      So my suggestion is to give the Infected a permanent, always-on, Counter UAV. This will permanently block out the Survivors Radar. The Infected will still have their radar up like normal, including the usual UAV for the last-alive. This change serves to add another benefit, which is that because the other survivors can't instantly see where everyone else is, it'll allow them to survive longer and potentially run down the clock. This is beneficial because the Survivors rarely win a match as is. So even if the weapon loadouts don't change, the survivors will have a chance to win.


      Split-Screen Players and Boosting -


      I've mentioned this before and was told that it couldn't be done without removing the ability for parties to play it, but I think it can be overcome. I'm sure there is some way to detect when someone is playing split-screen, and disable their ability to join that playlist. I mean, we have to be honest here: The majority of split-screen players are not legitimate. They're either Boosting, Blocking Doorways, or leaving their split-screen account AFK while they play (why they do that last one I'm not sure). And with lobbies often times containing 3-4 Split-Screen groups, we're talking about an average of 6-8 players per lobby that take up places for more legitimate players.


      This will greatly cut down on cheating and the number of reports that have to be dealt with and allow more room for legitimate players that intend to actually play the game correctly.


      AFK Players -


      Another Gripe of mine is the number of AFK players joining the playlist in order to boost up their W/L Ratio. As most people know, it's nearly impossible to gain a loss in that playlist. So by playing it, your Win-count goes up drastically. This has lead to many players joining the playlist and then going AFK. By going AFK, they can go do other things or watch TV while still gaining Wins. They never get kicked from the lobby because the check for AFK doesn't work in Infected. People automatically join the match with a pre-selected class, meaning they're never counted as "inactive".


      This takes up room and stops legitimate players from joining the lobby who actually want to play. Another issue is that if they become the first-infected, the game never progresses because those players aren't actually playing the game. This means that in order to continue the match, a legitimate player has to suicide and start killing people without the aid of a primary weapon. There needs to be some kind of check that sees whether or not someone has moved at all during the game since it started, and if not, kick them after 60 seconds.


      Weapon Loadouts -


      These can be up for debate, I just thought they might be kind of interesting and a fresh change of pace. There are only a few suggestions so far, so I'm thinking most of these can probably just get mixed into the current rotation of the playlist. I think the one people might have the most problem with is the L86 set-up, so I'll just explain it real quick before getting to it. The idea behind it is that you'll get 1 Magazine to use. It's more of a team-based set-up. No Reloading, no Replenishing Ammo (hence the No Specialist), and LMGs themselves don't have the greatest accuracy unless you're prone, so hopefully that'll add some fairness against the infected.


      MK14 vs Knife


      Primary - MK 14 W/ Rapid Fire + Extended Magazine (2x Attachment Proficiency)

      Secondary - USP. 45 Akimbo

      Lethal Grenade - Claymore

      Non-Lethal - None


      Scavenger Pro

      Hardline Pro



      Specialist: Scavenger Pro / Marksman Pro / SitRep Pro


      UMP 45 vs Knife


      Primary - UMP 45 W/Extended Magazine (Melee Proficiency)

      Secondary - Five-Seven Akimbo

      Lethal Grenade - Bouncing Betty

      Non-Lethal - None


      Scavenger Pro

      Quickdraw Pro



      Specialist: Steady Aim Pro / Sleight of Hand Pro / Recon Pro


      L86 vs Knife


      Primary - L86 W/Grip + Extended Magazine

      Secondary - .44 Magnum Akimbo

      Lethal Grenade - Claymore

      Non-Lethal - None



      Quickdraw Pro

      Marksman Pro


      Specialist: N/A