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    in depth list of things ps3 gamers expect fixed soon! feel free to help me grow this list guys

      1) matchmaking/lag issues makes the game either frustrating or downright unplayable most of the time. Im also being kicked from matches way too often when im clearly still connected to the internet! improve your host migration system so that it reacts as soon as the host leaves! players shouldnt get wrongfully punished with deaths/losses from getting kicked because someone in the lobby is a sore loser!  the maps should be less campy but the only thing that is truly overpowered is the lag compensation advantage a lot of players have.


      2) the spawns are downright terrible. getting killed way too many times either immediately at my spawn or some1 spawning right behind me without even giving me a chance to finsh reloading. i think most of us would rather take a longer time getting back to the battle than worry about people litteraly spawning right behind us or sitting at our spawn waiting for us to pop up. I think it should be at least 5 secs of sprinting distance minimum before u can even see a enemy after spawning, let alone inflicting or recieving damage. 5 second immuity to lethal ememy killstreaks after spawns should be placed as well. everyone should have a couple seconds to access the situation ! the maps are huge with lots of safe places for spawns so i cant imagine this being too much of a problem to fix.


      3) the hit detection and frame rates are bad! forget about the lag, lets fix the basics! in my LOCAL match testing stuff like getting 4 hitmarkers when theres only 3 bullets in my mag and not getting hitmarkers and kills when i really should at times is mind boggling. the game also freezes up temporalily and gets choppy at times. as you can imagine, this does not translate well during online matches.


      4) the range/damage on some guns is very low. the kap40 having a bigger 3 hit kill range than the mtar and the rapid fire taking away pretty much all your effective range on smgs is just flat out stupid!