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    Are you disappointed with the lack of maps in BO2 Zombies?

      I'm a huge COD zombies fan like many other players, however I think that WaW and BO1 zombies are better(so far). The addition of Tranzit is awesome and I would like to see that style of zombies return with future maps, grief I personally don't care for and survival is always great. Outside of Tranzit zombies is a disappointment to me, there should've been other zombie maps to play on and not just individual parts of green run (excluding nuke town), it just seems like a lazy move by trey arch. With that being said playing individual parts of green run is fine, if there's other maps to explore as well.


      Some people may disagree but in addition to new zombie maps, I would like to see BO1 and WaW maps return to BO2 with the newer weapons.