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    Playing the objective

      This is the proper way to play the objective,  or your a camper. Immediatly after spawning you are to run directly to the objective. You are not allowed to stop or take cover. You must use an SMG. If the enemy team is defending the objective they are campers. You must run directly into the center of their fire and eliminate all of them. You may not stop to reload or you are a camper. As soon as you are close enough to the objective you must dolphin dive towards it. If at any point you die you must reapeat the process untill you are successful. If you die 5 times in a row it is because of lag and campers. Rage quit, this will teach them. Not to mention you are probally host that is why you insta-die. If you choose not to rage and make it back to the lobby you should complain. Call them all campers!


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          "Mute all except party".


          Or failing that, report those using racist and other offensive language.

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            Dude, I had a bit of a smile on my face...and then you pulled out the race card just like every other internet tough guy douche.  Get a life. 

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                I was not pulling the race card. Unfortunatly that is the reality a very sobering one. I was not trying to be funny either, but illustrate the petty nature of most players hoping someone would read it and relize how stupid it is. I would mute but there is no permanent mute so i am constantly hearing it. Sorry for being a douche. No offence intended. Contreversial Statement Removed.

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                    I got what you were doing.  If you're not aware of this, once in-game you can press Select to bring up the scores and then move between players with your D-pad.  Pressing X will mute the highlighted player.


                    Might cause a death because you obviously can't move or shoot while doing this, but in many cases it's worth it.