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    Hardcore (game modes) Community: We Should Have More.

      I know I made a previous thread. However I think this needs to be said.


      The hardcore community always gets treaded like second class players. I know that the hardcore community is a minority compared to the core community. However we should have our say. We need more in our games now.


      I know many hardcore fans are disappointed with what is currently on offer within the hardcore playlist. I mean we don't even have the full basics. I mean we don't even have hardcore headquarters which has been in every single C.O.D as far as I am aware or Kill Confirmed. (I know KC was offered in MW3 but still we got a hardcore version)


      When it comes to DLC we always get the short end and in MW3 I couldn't even play hardcore moshpit because I don't like domination and that is what is on offer as much of the HC community likes domination. I mean when DLC playlist comes HC community always get 1 thing, HC Moshipit. MW3 and Black Ops both offered a HC moshipt. However if you don't like some of the games then you're screwed.


      Moving on, with the DLC in  mind. Did we get a hardcore nuketown 24/7 before it was gone? Nope we got nothing of the sort. We were left high and dry. The new Bonus playlist? Nope we don't get anything of the sort.


      Back in Black Ops 1 we got "Bombs" and "Flags". However they took away I think one or two game modes to produce "Bombs" and "Flags" for us hardcore players. Which I felt again was unfair.


      I feel like the hardcore game mode community get nothing new or exciting. We just get tossed 4 game modes and we're supposed to be happy. i know we are a small group of people and I can totally understand why we are a small group of people. However we should be on par with CORE community. We should get some of the things the core community is offered.


      Overall what I am saying is, don't just leave us with 4 games and don't just give us a moshpit when the time comes to give us something because  not everyone likes every game mode.


      I am not suggesting we get everything CORE has but we should get some stuff. Maybe just 3 or 4 of the more popular games and a moshpit on the bonus playlist like core has.


      I dunno. I know I sound like I am complaining but its something that always bugs me.

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