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        20. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

        The problem still persists when you have the search peramiters set to best, with or without a party. I know that lag compensation has been around since th 90's to help level the playing field however in the last two editions of the COD series the lag compensation has been far too aggressive and therefore people with a decent connection are being penalised. This should not be the case. If people were that bothered about the fact that people with better connections were beating them they should look at improving the internet connection (as I did) and then there would be no problems.

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          21. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

          Wrong again. Lag compensation has nothing to do with 'leveling the playing field".


          https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking#Lag_compe nsation


          Read this over and over and over and over and over again until you finally understand it.

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            22. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

            If you are so knowledgable on the subject of lag compensation please enlighten us all with out your sarcastic and condesending comments. You sit there saying you know everything and that its not the lag compensation that is the problem but for some reason never mention what lag compensation is nor do you mention where the problem originates.

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              23. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

              Theres a link in this very thread thats been pasted twice. Here it is for the 3rd time:


              https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking#Lag_compe nsation


              The problem originates from lag. Not lag compensation, not buffer bloat, not whatever else you want to call it. All online games have lag. The player that turns around a corner will always see the camper first, with or without lag compensation. This is the problem so many people describe and its simply caused by lag.


              It is also the cause for the differences seen by theater mode and normal gameplay. When your playing, lag compensation is in action and doing its job, in theater mode there is no lag compensation. This is why you see people shooting at thin air and still get hit markers, this would be what the game would look like without lag comp (well, technically it wouldn't be exactly the same but it would be very similar with one minor difference). If you cant understand everything thats written in that page then you should at least listen to the people that can.

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                24. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

                Amen to that

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                  25. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

                  You obviously don't know what lag comp is

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                    26. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

                    So if this is the case why when I run around a corner do I not see the "camper" before he shoots me, o yeah its because he is a much more advantagous position than me. Its stratigic positioning that wins games you idiot, when I play a game I move around the map using cover to limit the area the enemy has to shoot me which means the idiot runing and gunning should have a much harder target to hit (head glitching) and I have the entire character to aim at and shoot. However I die before I have even seen the enemy, this is due to the way that the lag compensation on this particular game has been set up, where as the fact that the host for the match is no longer the person with the best connection its the guy that has the average connection in the lobby to try and balance it out it is how long it takes for the data to ping back from his router which is slowed down to match the person with the slow connection. Despite what we see on our screen it shows you what in theory the host would see. This in my opinion is far too aggressive. I understand that the problem originates with the lag but the reason people are complaining is that the program for the lag compensation is not performing how it should.


                    Moorningstar is therefore pointing out the problem where even if you set your search peramiters to best other people that search for any can still end up in your lobby, this therfore creates a possible lag problem and therefore the lag compensation kicks in in a more agressive manor than that of a game played in a more local area i.e the UK, if someone from the UK ends up in a lobby containing a majority of American players he would cause problems for that lobby and vice versa. I think what Moorningstar is suggesting would be rather than remove it it needs to revert to how it was set up in an earlier version say for instance MW2 (very few people I ever played with/against ever complained about the lag in this game) and have a better search facility whereas when people could cause a problem for the lobby they get kicked.

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                      27. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

                      So many Einsteins in this thread. Mind = blown

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                        28. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

                        Basically someone needs to make some adjustments somewhere because im firing sausages and getting killed by bullets back.

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                          29. Re: Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

                          As Godotpwn and others have been stating, lag compensation is necessary.  A better way to think of it is time/game synchronization.  I have run local LAN parties with multiple PS3s on previous games and the it works very well without issues.  The varying degrees of internets speed, quality and connections are difficult to compensate.  I do agree that it could be improved significantly on Black Ops 2. 


                          The real questions for lag compensation are:


                          1.  How is it implemented? Is it working properly?  Can it be optimized?   

                          2.  What are the real minimum requirements to do this well, including hardware & internet speeds?

                          3.  Is the PS3 able to accommodate this very effeciently?

                          4.  Would dedicated servers truly help this?

                          5.  How can it been improved?  (i.e. matching by region? internet connection speeds?)


                          Just in my opinion, I feel that the PS3 was orginally designed for gaming that were expected to be standalone stations.  They eventually migrated to online and then into FPS.  The core design of the PS3 is NOT optimized (not even close) to server a network server for FPS games.


                          This is why there are some many discussions (aka debates) on dedicated servers.

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