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    a third prestigers thoughts.

      hi all. ive playing cod since cod 4. i am a good player averaging at about 1.3 k/d


      i am almost in my 4th prestige as we speak, need 5 more levels to prestige. thus i have played the game enough. here areall my points i need to share with you


      first of all this game unfortunately has the worse lag i have ever faced in a call of duty.

      i can only kill in hardcore. and this with extreme difficulty. i have to drop shot jump and do magical things to get a kill. in core most of the times i did some scores like 5 kills 20 deaths. yeah thats right. some times i even did 2 kills 30 deaths. and i can play. in every killcam i either wasnt shooting or the opponent was in different location than i was seeing him. i recently started doing ok for such terrible lag becausei started playing with scorpion. this is insane. if i have to get a gun that shoots 1 million bullets per second, just to get a kill, id rather go out for a coffee...


      apart from the dreadful lag, here are some bad points in general


      my favourite mode, search and destroy is raped. not enough xp so very few people play it. make it again 500 points per kill and stop adding points from shooting claymores etc. people have starting shooting bettys tyhan shooting opponents. it has ruined the game...


      not enough gmes in hardcore. not even kill confirmed


      the sound is dreadful as well. ok you wanted to minimise soundwhoring but then why did you put awareness and dead silence when they cant be properly used. and i am not talking about the sit rep pro abomination of mw3...it just cant happen for an opponent to just right behind you and you dont hear a thing ...and you advertise specific headphones for black ops 2 when they are useless with such bad sound


      spawning is stupid. period.


      we cant see the total xp we get from each game. the specific number. this is also very very bad... what were you thinking?

      and one also very very irritating thing is that weapons have no recoil. apart from scorpion. this is very noobish and unreal. ok we rae in the future but we want challenge. we want guns that need some skill to handle. not noobies camping in the opposite site of the map with an assault and shoot us. i see people spraying and killing and they do it so easily... we need recoil. those who can play love the recoil. and the others will have a challenge to face. they will get better eventually. thus you have made sniping even more easy and stupid. can a sniper quickscope in real life?no. i dont care for snipers very much, i generally can deal with them but in this game you have made them gods. it is too unbalancing


      the good things


      beautiful maps. very beautiful. well done 

      (they are way too large for free for all though, perhaps just for this mode they should be shortened a bit...)


      beautiful titles, thepick 10 system is clever and the best thing you ever did was ghost. we have far less campers than any other call of duty. well done

      also i love not losing the camos when i prestige. nor the attachments. it is brilliant




      the bottomline is that mw3 was very very good. for me best game since cod 4 but with a few dreadfull drawbacks. these were the vest mostly and

      sit rep pro.


      you have removed the vest and have better maps. you could have made thebest game since cod 4 and you ruined it.


      why cant we get a game like mw3, with the black ops 2 maps, no vests no tactical insertion (it is stupid) no portable, guns with recoil and good sound.

      is it too much to ask?

      and a mode that has only specific killstreaks like in cod 4. just 3 killstreaks in 3,5,7 kills would be brilliant.


      ok i said it. now fix your servers cause even when you sold more games than any game before, if you dont fix this sitution, by christmas everyone will be playing mw3 again

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          Re: a third prestigers thoughts.

          with the sound response, you can change it in the options to 4 or 5 different settings that do make it sound alot better, im usering the supercharge it makes the highs lows boosted, there is a low boost, a high boost, head phones, etc. but they really do make the sounds alot better.

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              Re: a third prestigers thoughts.

              i am a cod veteran when it comes to sound. wth astro a40 mixamp and sennheiser pc360 headphones. propably best headphone choise for cod. . i have tested all audio profiles, trust me. the profiles that boost lows are bad cause they emphasise on explosions etc and you miss details (Noy that there are any details in the game but anyway. the best profiles are treyarch and supercrunch (i use the latter) but in general the sound is no where near the beautiful sound of mw3 and previous cods anyway...

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              Re: a third prestigers thoughts.

              Pretty sure it's easier to quickscope in real life. Love all the hate for something that's "so easy" to do.

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                  Re: a third prestigers thoughts.

                  Do you wish to argue that it's easier to jump shot or drop shot in real life, too? Yours may be the dumbest argument I've ever heard to defend quickscoping. Quickscoping isn't difficult-- only morons try to say it is. It's a cheap, dirty way to use a weapon in a way in game that would NEVER work in real life.

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                  Re: a third prestigers thoughts.

                  its finalk for me. this day did it. i  am selling it and never buying another treyarch game ever. back to mw3. cant take it any more

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                    Re: a third prestigers thoughts.


                    in every killcam i either wasnt shooting or the opponent was in different location than i was seeing him.


                    This is literally the reason I just logged off in frustration.  I was in one game, and I repeatedly snuck up behind opponents, shot them close to point blank several times in the back, yet had them turn around and instant kill me.  I figured leaving that game and joining another one would possibly solve this problem.  Well, I joined another game, and immediately got a sick burst on an opponent's head, who then returned fire and killed me.  On the killcam it showed him shooting before me, when on my screen he was turned to the side and began firing at me after several of my bullets struck his head.  I just cannot play this game.  There are a few games where the lag is decent and I roll out with a 3.0+ K/D ratio, and then the other 50% where I am lucky to break .25 K/D.  I am going to find a new game to play, and maybe in a few months I can come back to this one, but in it's current state there is absolutely no way I can continue down this path of farm or be farmed depending on who the lag favors.

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