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      What does everyone think of switching sides in Domination now. I liked the idea of it, but don't know if it really worked out like they intended. I am no where near being a good player, i am right at average, but it seems like once i go to halftime in domination i do terrible. Last night i was playing with some friends on EXPRESS and we dominated "no pun intended" the first half (103-47 i think) switch sides and we ended up getting our ass handed to us (185-147). I didn't change my play style at all. I was rocking my scorestreaks during the first half and then couldn't get any of them during the second half.


      So my question is this has anyone noticed how everything seems to change once you go to halftime. It might just be me. I was just looking for other peoples insight.

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          Cant say I have seen or noticed any substantial change in play between the two halves.  Early days though, maybe you just got into matches where players were dipping in and out and suddenly found yourself up against players who knew what they were doing.  Just guessing.


          I think Treyarch knew the way the maps are designed then taking the b flag off the enemy would be very difficult.  I think (again just guessing) they introduced two halves to give both teams two chances to get the b flag.

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              Yea,the maps are too small for a real Domination game. If the opposing team gets B flag,it is nearly impossible to get it back. Especially when your on a team that just wants to get kills and isn't helping to capture.

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                You are probably one of those guys that is just good at the game so you wouldn't notice a difference. Being as how I am not that good it seems like I see more lag and get more hit markers once the sides have swapped but that might just be me being paranoid, lol..

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                I'm not a fan of the 2 round domination. I don't see the need at all to make it to2 rounds when it was perfectly fine as usual. I'm a huge domination player, so I'm a bit annoyed they changed it. What if you're on a huge streak in a great position and are just about to kill a few more guys, then, round end. I know the streak continues, but it's still a bit frustrating that you have to 'start again'.


                I'm all for them trying new things and adding a few changes, but this is one of those that i'm not too keen on.

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                  I like the idea. I disagree with Senna on why they included halftime. I believe it was introduced to elimate heavy spawntrapping


                  My clan is completely against it and we always go for the triple cap unless the other team is halfway decent then just double cap and defend, but never push for the trap.



                  However, we don't put up with the cheap-ass playstyle. If we get trapped in the first half we throw out the rule book and give them Hell


                  That's why I like the idea. We get to analyze our enemy and if they're good upstanding gamers we continue on like normal. But if they spawntrap us halftime gives us the chance for revenge