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    Maps are WAY too small

      I like the idea of Tranzit which imo is the only way zombies are actually playable. Why?

      Because the maps are so bloody small it's sad.


      There's zero room for kiting, which is a prerequisite for zombies.

      There's almost no wall guns...which is a prerequisite for zombies

      And finally what little room you gave is so coated in lava we can't even move out without the damn bus!


      Zombies is by far the most lackluster feature of Black Ops 2, not in theory but in application.

      So please, for the love of whatever you love reduce the insane amout of lava you've spammed everywhere (or have it progress each level as to make things harder).


      Then release some real zombie maps.

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          Re: Maps are WAY too small

          Damn Straight. 

          I really hate what they did to Zombies this year.

          Let's just hope the DLC maps will be better.

          The Zombies idea was so simple  - IF NOT BROKEN DON'T F****** FIX IT!!!!!!

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              Re: Maps are WAY too small

              Sadley they won't. Tranzit is the model they've chosen to tell the BO2 Zombie story. They've already got the next Tranzit (maybe all four) planned out already and at best may bring back some of the old things we loved so much but that would be it.


              As far as Zombies being a "if it ain't broke don't fix it", I agree completely. Survival should have been what we all loved about Zombies so much. Keep it 100% like it was with W@W and Black Ops and then take risks with Tranzit, really try to do cutting edge stuff with it.


              Sadly Tranzit was the same old thing and regardless of what people say it's obvious it was NOT "innovative" and with that they needed to dumb down the Survival maps to make Tranzit look good.

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                  Re: Maps are WAY too small

                  I cant wait for the next TranZit maps. They did a wonderful job keeping zombies fresh and fun. I do agree that I long for the simplicity of the old maps, but this keeps me more than happy and keeps me from getting bored.

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                      Re: Maps are WAY too small

                      I'll give Tranzit this much, it was NOT a bad mode, it did do a good job (gameplay wise) of keeping Zombies Survival mode fresh. My gripe has and will always be that Tranzit is NOT a story/campaign mode as it was advertised to be.


                      They should have just made Tranzit and Grief (maybe even still on separate mini maps if you want) and that's it, NO "Survival" mode, survival mode was just a hoax to goad us into thinking Tranzit was something more, some sort on innovation when it clearly is not.


                      Is Tranzit bad, no, is it innovative, no, were we misled, yes...... that's my gripe.

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                  Re: Maps are WAY too small

                  And before any of this...add lobby leaderboards for people who play with randoms and want a good game every once in awhile...this game is foricing me to add loud idiots for friends just to have people to play with

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                    Re: Maps are WAY too small

                    All I hear is ..................

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                      Re: Maps are WAY too small

                      no room for kiting......................................................................... ............ sorry i just wet myself with laughter and had to adjust there is plenty of room i have made round 47 solo through kiting u just have to use your damn head and not want to run 1 end to the other but actually move through the buildings and pick the places where u make ur stands carefully now go grow a pair and get over ur childish little self

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                          Re: Maps are WAY too small

                          Other than the sarcasm I totally agree here. This map is a gold mine for multple kiting at once.

                          Your team has to split up in order to stay alive in my opinion.

                          In order of my favorite to least favorite:

                          1. Spawn/Bus Depot - Under the outside gas pump style roof

                          2. Tunnel (Where the M16 is)

                          3. Diner

                          4. Farm - The farm yard and large barn

                          5. Town - All over it

                          6. Power station - This one is the most difficult I think, staying out on the road is the only way I can stay alive and it's pretty narrow.


                          If you add a few teamates to this things get pretty tough pretty quickly if you don't stay close together.


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