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    Not In Game Guide!

      I cant find it anywhere. An explanation of what you have to do to rank up in zombies! What the progression emblems are, what you need to do to rank up! I mean come on, there has to be a list of all these things. Im still on Skull with blue eyes and 5 slashes. What am I needing to do next? there needs to be a KEY to Expalin what we need, to get higher or maintain our current emblem!

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          Re: Not In Game Guide!

          My belief is that you need to keep progressing.


          So say you got to level 30 in NTZombies, with 2,000 kills, 150 head shots, 3 doors, 15 revives, etc.


          In order to "rank up", you will need to do better then that on your next round of NTZombies in order to keep "ranking up". 


          So you will need to make it past level 30, kill more then 2,000 Zombs, get more then 150 headshots, etc., and that will keep you progressing.


          I got this theory because I am sitting at Skull with 3 slashes.  I played yesterday for about 3 hours, but didn't make it past any of my higher rounds, and that obviously leads me to not getting as many kills, headshots, revives, etc. and thus after 3 hours of playing, i was still sitting at skull with 3 slashes. 


          This is just my theory.  I wish there was something more concrete the DEVS would release, but I think they want it this way.  More mystery and such. 


          Happy Hunting!!!

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              Re: Not In Game Guide!

              Its a good Theory. however wouldnt that just mean i would eventually have to get to round 100 in order to rank up? then 101 then 102. etc..etc... i dont think you have to top prior games everytime, that would be crazy!!!!!!!!!  lol

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