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    Your thoughts on TranZit as an overall map and what could make it better or what you think should change.

      • All the developers should be proud of TranZit but there are a few things annoying me about the new zombies mode (I love zombies so nothing really could possibly make me hate it); such as the wall guns: These weapons are exactly the same as blops except for the remmington and the 3 shot burst pistol and the mp5 but come on - its the mp5k from before, except now there are less wall guns in a much larger map, which doesnt make sense to me. The original zombies maps had different wall guns every map, which I personally think would be better than the same reused weapons every map - give the players something new they can try and love. Also it seems like you guys took 5 steps forward but one step back by not putting all the perks into this map. Tranzit is very fun and clever but the locations the bus stops at are also small which I don't really care about. Some people I know who are average or below average zombies players find the building items and riding the bus too complicated, but I think those features are cool and innovative. I think the electro boss zombie is a good addition as well as the gremlins (even though a lot of people who don't know how to easily deal with them hate them) and new weapons. I am not a fan of tombstone however because I generally try not to die and dont use quick revive on solo because I feel it makes it okay for me to go down - tombstone is the same thing just multiplayer, which I can see how its usefull especially when you get seperated and go down with tombstone. Overall I think the creators did an excelent job on the new zombies, keep up the good work and keep the hordes coming.