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    So what are things you are liking about multiplayer?

      Well, aside all the ranting, what are things you're liking?

      Try not to rant in this thread, I'm sure Treyarch would like to see the things they did right every so often~


      So far I'm liking the maps, they all look like there's always something new to look at. And they're mostly interactive, keeping them interesting to explore. Plaza has dubstep playing, so that's pretty awesome


      I like the fact we no longer have to work for perks to be pro'd. Perks seem pretty balanced, and I really like it.


      Killstreaks have to be one of the best features, when I first got the game every killstreak I've gotten from a carepackage I've wondered, "What the heck is this!? How do you use this thing!?" Which is a good feeling, it means we're dealing with something new xD


      Also, the scorestreaks. They've made it so it's harder to get them. No longer do we have to deal with a constent clusterf*** in the sky every game. Also, they made it so objective players are more awarded. That's a really nice feeling c:


      The guns look cooler as well. The futuristic feel is really nice. The game is much more colorful as well.


      The prestidge icons look much cooler than any of the CoD's as well.


      The title designs look awesome, and weren't copy and pasted from the pervious BO game.


      Elite being free, that's a really nice plus! We can now record videos without that blasted 30 second limit anymore!


      Oh, I also find it kind of funny that you can 1 hit direct impact someone with a bouncing betty.


      Zombies is a huge plus. It's really fun, the maps pretty big, and giving us extra things to work with while dealing with zombies made this game mode so much more interesting. Team Treyarch did a lot of unique things to this game, and I really like it. They kept things original like they always have, and I'll always support them for that.