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    Shotguns are OP

      For instance that first shotgun, I'm just running round a corner, BAM! I'm dead. No sound, no warning, nothing. I watch the kill cam and he wasn't even aiming anywhere near me. Even if he is running at me, I don't dde the guy, I die first.

      Please they are 2 over powerd.

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          All I hear is .......

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            Are you retarted or were you dropped on you head as a baby?  I don't really like this game so far, but at least they got shotguns right for once.  The shoot buckshot which has a bullet spread on it making it shoot in a bigger area.

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              Any full auto gun in the game with a high rate of fire functions much like a shot gun. The reason full auto exists is to mimic a shotgun. How often does the first round miss but then enough of the burst of full auto spray does hit to kill? Watch the kill cams and think about it. This double standard in first person shooters makes no sense.

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                Ha, ok. Go play MW3, that game had terrible shotguns.

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                  If you turn a corner and someone is in your face with a shotgun. You better be dead first. If you know smoeone has a shotgun on the other team be more careful about the corners. .. .. . . ..  . .    .

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                    It's a shotgun. Counter them by staying at a distance. Simple.

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                      shotgun supposed to be a 1 shot kill at close range.


                      now if you are being killed from across the map with a shot gun then there is an issue.

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                        The shotties in this game are not OP, the S12 might be even slightly undepowered but i'm not making that statement until i've played with it more in matches with a decent connection. The shotties take more skill to use than SMG's in my opinion, you have an extremely limited range and fire rate on pumps. The KSG is especially hard because you have use it like an unscoped Ballista but lack the range, trying get mine golden today but the bloodthirstys are gonna be hard to get because i'm not that good with it :(


                        I was wondering why more of these this and that is OP threads have been fairly absent, might be that most people who like to whine about something they cannot counter have been getting server issues and not being able to play. I bet as soon as they are finally solved most commonly used guns are gonna get hated on, which is a shame because so far i'm finding the game to have a fairly good balance in weapons.

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                          I wish there was a dislike button. These overpowered threads are ridiculous.

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                            shotguns are, have always been and alwas will be th most deadly close range weapon in exixtance.


                            no the shotguns are NOT OP, far from it.


                            The Shotguns need a boost to mobility, if anything. its a joke that the SMG classes can out manover a shotgun at any range.


                            as for crying OP, grow up and actualy anallize your games. you will more likely find that a lack of skill or lack of decent internet is responsible.

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                              Maybe you yourself should use the shotguns and not for the day. Try unlocking all the camo for all the shotguns.Then come back on here and say that there OP.

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                                Then use them.


                                Ksg is good, but needs great aim.


                                870 is only good cqb and even then you need to ads a lot to make it work.


                                Seems fine to me. Nobody uses the other shotguns from what I have seen.

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                                  This thread is music to my ears.

                                  I just finished getting gold for the S12 and that gun effing sucked to do. I had over 1000 kills with it by the time I had finished the 250 one hit kill challenges.

                                  The KSG is by far my favorite.


                                  Not OP at all.


                                  Oh.. and... I've been beaten out plenty of times by someone spraying their MP7 or MSMC wildly from the hip at close range even though I landed the first shot at close range.

                                  They've lived and I've died.


                                  Again, not OP at all.

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                                    Not OP but to much agility when using them.Range is a bit much sometimes being as all soldiers wear some kind of vests.

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                                      Shotguns aren't OP, they're just consistent for the first time since MW2. The only one that isn't is the KSG because of it's slug rounds. That thing sucks

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                                        Shotguns OP? You got to be kidding me.. Please tell me this is a fail troll attempt. Shotguns are inconsistent if anything, far from being OP.

                                        I'm guessing you're just a corner camper noob who got badly owned by a shotgun so you decided to come on here and cry about it.

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                                          I agree the shotguns are OP. It's bullshit and EVERYONE who uses them knows this thats why they defend the shotguns and claim utter bullshit "blah blah consistent since mw2" yeah okay. /Bullshit


                                          Anyway this needs to be fixed because much to MY surprise it isn't an SMG or Rifle that's OP in this game it's the ******* shotguns. FIX THIS Treyarch -_______-'